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Here at Floofmania we’ve been writing and sharing our passion for wildlife and animals, especially those native to North America since 2020. We’re a growing group of writers who either specialize in veterinary medicine or biology or are just wildlife geeks and animal lovers.

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Sounds That Different Animals Make

Here at Floofmania, we’ve explored tons of different wild animals, focusing on the strange sounds they make. From the coyote’s howling to the opossum’s sneezing and the red fox’s woman-like screams! Check out a few of our animal-specific articles about some of the strange noises you can hear in nature:

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Raccoon SoundsBeaver Sounds
Bobcat SoundsAmerican Badger SoundsPocket Gopher Sounds
Mountain Lion SoundsSea Otter SoundsGroundhog Sounds
Elk SoundsRed Fox SoundsHedgehog Sounds

Biology & Wildlife Concepts & Theories Explained

When learning about different animals and their behavior and specifics, we’ve noticed that there are some terms that keep popping up. These are mostly concepts and theories from the world of biology and zoology, like different concepts about different types of species, habitats, or animal evolution.

Since many of these keywords apply to several of the species we write about here at Floofmania, we’ve decided to also write some in-depth articles that specifically explain some of these common terms.

Latest Articles About Theories and Concepts

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The coyote is one of North America’s most prolific wild species. You can find coyotes all over the US and Canada in most kinds of habitats, and while it’s best to avoid getting too close, coyotes can be fascinating to watch from a distance!

Latest Articles About Coyotes

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The raccoon, also known as coon, trash panda, bandit, and much more, is both known as a nuisance and a beloved, cute animal in the American wild. Raccoons are everywhere, and while they’re fun to look at, it’s best to stay clear and to try and avoid them getting too comfy around your home and property.

Latest Articles About Raccoons

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The North American continent is huge, and the diverse wildlife is a testament to this! The different climatic and geological conditions throughout the continent also mean that other species thrive in different places. Discover some of the diverse places around North America, and what animals they’re known for!

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