Are American Badgers Pests? How Do I Repel Them From My Yard and Property?

The American badger (Taxidea taxus) is a resident mustelid in North America. This medium-sized animal lives in prairies, grasslands, and forest edges across the continent. In a perfect world, there’s a very low chance that people and badgers would ever cross paths. However, with the dwindling habitat of badgers, there’s a high chance that the … Read more

American Badgers In The Winter (Do They Hibernate, Migrate, or Change Their Rhythm)?

Have you ever wondered how American badgers survive winter? American badgers are mostly known for their fur and the holes they dig, but we don’t really know much about their behavior, especially during winter. Keep reading as Floofmania dives deeper into the American badger’s winter behavior and get to know these cute animals more! Do … Read more

Threats And Dangers To Elk: Are They Going Extinct?

Elks are considered the largest among deer species. They have long been used on deer farms where velvet antlers are produced, and this practice has spread around the world.  In the past, they were excessively hunted for their ivory teeth and velvet antlers which were turned into accessories and used in traditional medicines.  Join Floofmania … Read more

Sea Otters and Their Sleeping Behavior (How Do They Remain in Place as They Sleep?)

Sleeping and resting is the second-most important daily activity in a sea otter’s life, next to foraging and followed by grooming. Sea otters specifically spend 40 to 49% of their daily lives snoozing off and building up energy so they can feed and groom themselves effectively afterward.  Biologists routinely observe the resting behavior of sea … Read more

Bobcats And Jumping (Leaping, Pouncing & More)

The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a wild cat found in North America, from southern Canada to northern Mexico. The species’ “bob” isn’t referring to its haircut – it refers to its short and stubby tail that looks cut or “bobbed” at the end and also to its bobbing gait. Additionally, because of its brown to … Read more

American Badgers, Swimming, Bathing, and Other Water Activities

The American badger (Taxidea Taxus) is a fossorial mustelid that thrives living underground. A lot has already been discussed about the badger’s habitat and behavior when on land. But information about the animal’s behavior and activities related to water is rarely mentioned. One might wonder: How does the badger fare when it is near bodies … Read more