Are Red Foxes Dangerous? (To You, Your Pets, Your Livestock)

Even though the red fox is a predator, it is not very dangerous. Healthy red foxes pose virtually no threat to humans and larger animals, such as dogs or cows. They are only known to approach humans if they are frequently hand-fed or rabid. Red foxes will approach smaller animals as prey, but there are … Read more

Where to Get, Buy or Adopt a Pet Fox (And What To Consider)

Getting a fox as a pet can be tricky since they are categorized as exotic animals and hence challenging to come by. You can buy or adopt a fox from breeders, rescues, and pet stores in select locations. In the United States, you can find breeders that may ship to your location. There are also … Read more

Red Fox Species: Origin, Animal Type, Adaptations, and More!

The red fox, better known as the common fox, is found all around the globe. With the exception of human beings, red foxes have the largest natural distribution of any mammal. You can find them in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and even Australia due to their cunning abilities and hunting skills. Interestingly, red foxes … Read more

Red Foxes VS Coyotes (Differences and Similarities)

Red foxes and coyotes share many similar characteristics but they are also very different in many ways. They are both members of the canine family and have similar diets, but they have different appearances, mannerisms, and behaviors. The discussion here focuses on red foxes, but it includes all foxes. However, it’s important to note the … Read more

What Do Red Foxes Symbolize? (Different Cultures, Dreams, Sayings)

The cunning fox appears in myths from around the world in all his fascinating and beautiful forms. Foxes have existed in symbolism and folklore for as long as people and foxes have co-existed. They are widely represented as symbols of beauty, intelligence, and independence. However, they also carry connotations of sneakiness, mischief, and evil. Why … Read more

How Red Foxes Move Around (Running, Jumping and Climbing)

Foxes are highly agile canids. They are fast runners who are faster than domestic cats or dogs. The average red fox runs roughly thirty miles per hour. In a single night, they can run the perimeter of their territory, which can be several dozen miles. In addition to being a great runner, the red fox … Read more

When Are Groundhogs Active? (Day or Night? And What Kind of Weather?)

Groundhogs are diurnal animals, meaning they are active during the day. The groundhog loves warm weather and sunshine and is famous for providing insight into upcoming seasons. The groundhog becomes active in the morning before falling inactive in the daytime. Groundhogs may become briefly active in the evening before sleeping at night. The groundhog is … Read more

Are Red Foxes Going Extinct? What Are Some Dangers To Red Foxes?

Red foxes are an abundant species with no concern of becoming extinct based on their population count and reproduction rate. There are foxes on nearly every continent, with millions of foxes inhabiting the planet. The red fox is adaptive and great at maintaining its high numbers. The red fox repopulates once a year, producing at … Read more

Where Are Red Foxes Found? (Do They Live All Over The World?)

Red foxes love living in forested environments because of the coverage. Red foxes can sustain themselves in nearly any environment. They are fully capable of sustaining themselves in urban environments, and they can adjust well to human presence after being exposed to humans for a while. Foxes typically measure things based on convenience, ranking some … Read more