Raccoons VS Red Pandas – How Do They Compare

While raccoons and red pandas are both cute, fluffy little omnivores, they aren’t actually the same animal! But they both look so similar: how do they compare? Even though they are visually similar, red pandas and raccoons are only distantly related. They come from two different taxonomic groups. But, they do share many characteristics and … Read more

The Many Sounds Of Elk, And What They Mean

Elk are very vocal creatures, probably the most talkative of the Cervidae family. But in what situations do elk make sounds to communicate with other members of their herd? These situations include distress, submission, identifying a threat, maternal communication, social chatting, advertising, and mating. Depending on the type of elk and time of year, you … Read more

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Groundhogs And How They Hibernate (Your Questions Answered)

Groundhogs can be found all across North America.  One thing that makes them so interesting is that they are deep hibernators.  To learn more about how they hibernate, read on for any questions you could have. What Do Groundhogs Do In Winter? Groundhogs go into a deep hibernation sometime around the first true frost of … Read more

The Opossum’s Hunting and Scavenging Behavior

Whether you love them or hate them, opossums (often referred to as possums) are one of America’s most famous animals, and they certainly have a lot of character. Although they are most well-known for scavenging, opossums are omnivores with a very diverse and opportunistic diet, and they are natural predators as well. There is a … Read more

The Solitary Rodent: A Look At The Groundhog Species

There is so much more to these floofy animals than just Groundhog Day.  Aside from being used to predict the weather every year, little else is publicized about groundhogs and how they evolved into the cute little furballs we see today. Groundhogs are believed to have evolved from the pre-historic rodent, Vintana sertichi, and prefer … Read more

All About Elk Reproduction, Mating, and Calves

Elk are truly majestic members of the deer family that are commonly found throughout Asia and North America.  These large, omnivorous, hooved mammals tend to live in herds for most of the year, but how does this behavior change during mating season? Elk tend to break up into smaller herds based upon who they are … Read more

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Groundhogs and Their Sleeping Behavior

Groundhogs are often associated with sleeping and lazy behavior. Even so, not many people actually know about the groundhog’s sleeping habits, such as how long they sleep per day and where they prefer to sleep. Shockingly, groundhogs can sleep for up to 20 hours a day during the summer, and they sleep for stretches of … Read more

The Groundhog’s Teeth and Bite

Groundhogs have humorously large front teeth. As a result, these creatures are often known for their chompers. Despite how large and intimidating their teeth may be, groundhogs are actually very docile and rarely bite humans. In fact, groundhog teeth are primarily designed for eating and chewing plant matter, such as soft brasses, leaves, and berries. … Read more