About Me

Hey there, and welcome to Floofmania, a site about all things floofy. (Animals, pets, critters and.. Well, you get it!)

My name is Tommy, and since being a young kid, I’ve loved animals.

I’ve had all sorts of pets while growing up, including a pet chicken who followed me around, feasting on worms and insects that I dug up for him in the yard in my childhood suburbia. His name was Blackie, because he was black as a chick… His “grown-up” feathers ended up mostly yellow, but hey, you can’t change your pet’s name once he’s come to recognize it himself, and Blackie quickly did.

Other furry friends from my childhood include a turtle, canaries, budgies, rabbits, dogs and a cat called Oscar. (Oscar got to the ripe age of 18, and I still remember his birthday, the 28th of May!)

So am I an animal-expert? Critter-consultant? Pet-detective?

Well, no. I haven’t got a biology degree or a veterinary diploma, and I haven’t worked in a pet-shop, but I am fascinated by nature and animals in particular and I enjoy writing about them.

On this site, Floofmania, I write about common questions about animals that I stumble upon online and that I try to answer as well as I can, and I enjoy every moment of it!

So if you’re a floofmanic like me, welcome, and if you’re just trying to get your questions about possums or porcupines answered, I hope you’ll find this site helpful!

Yours truly,