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Hey there, and welcome to Floofmania.

Floofmania is an online magazine about all things floofy. If that demands any elaboration, it’s basically a publication about animals, big and small, but mostly about the wildlife that you can find in North America.

The website was started in 2020 by Tommy Wylde, who was also the original writer of most of the content on the site. Since then, a lot of writers have joined Floofmania in order to help build it into a real all-in-one encyclopedia about all things wildlife!

Author & Editor: Tommy Wylde

Hi, I’m Tommy! I’m the founder of Floofmania.com. I am an animal enthusiast and self-proclaimed wildlife expert as well as a dog trainer and breeder of the breed Löwchen.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been wildly fascinated by animals, both from growing up in a rural area where there were always animals around, but especially from seeing them in the wild.

Floofmania’s Experts and Fact-Checkers

Here at Floofmania we take animals and wildlife seriously, and while our writers are both experienced about all things animals as well as great researchers, we think it’s important that you can be sure that the information you find on this site has been fact-checked, verified, and approved by animal experts.

We’re still in the beginning phases of getting our content overhauled by experts, but we hope to eventually have experts on all our different groups of animals.

Are you a journalist who’s looking for an animal expert for a story? Then go to our Ask An Animal Expert page, and we’ll do our best to help!

Expert: Jonathan Way

Jon is Floofmania’s coyote and coywolf expert. He lends a hand in fact-checking, proofreading and editing our content about coyotes. Jonathan (Jon) Way has a B.S. (UMass Amherst), M.S. (UConn Storrs), and doctorate (Boston College) related to the study of eastern coyotes, also known as coywolves. He is also the author of several books and peer-reviewed studies of which you can read more on his website.

Expert: Kristyn Plancarte

Kristyn Plancarte is a marine biologist and sea otter expert. She graduated from Colorado State University with a BSc in Zoology. She has been working, hands-on, with sea otters for over a decade and has raised several rescued sea otter pups over those years. She also works to educate people about sea otters and other marine mammals on her social media platforms which have over a million followers in total. This social media following has led to the raising of tens of thousands of dollars for sea otter and marine conservation worldwide.

Floofmania’s Awesome Writing Team

Since Floofmania was created back in 2020, several great writers have joined us in creating great content about animals and wildlife, so much so, that the site has pretty much turned into a group project today.

Without further ado, let me introduce Floofmania’s writing team:

Author: Bernice Go

Bernice Go is a violinist and orchestra manager by profession but a writer by hobby. She enjoys writing about various topics, from music to animals to self-development. When she isn’t playing the violin or writing, she loves reading, traveling, playing video games, and savoring a good cup of coffee.

Author: Gra

Hello! My name is Graciola Galo, but my friends call me “Gra” – so can you! Aside from being a dog lover, my bachelor’s degree in biology has helped me develop a deep appreciation for animals. I look forward to learning more about all kinds of wildlife in every future article I write for Floofmania and I aspire to impart that same awe and wonder to you, too!

Author: Jomvie Reyes

Jomvie has been a writer for over 10 years and animals and wildlife are among his favorite topics. Learning and writing about the vast and diverse wildlife from all over the world, is more of a hobby than a job for him. Jomvie loves to watch and observe these remarkable species up close and personal.

Author: Quade Ong

Hello there, my name is Quade. I have been a writer for three years but an animal lover for over two decades. I grew up in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, which has given me the blessing of seeing all sorts of beautiful animals. Now I strive to learn not just about the animals I am from, but those all over the world!

Author: Eleanor Tan

Eleanor grew up with rottweilers and pit bulls and loved the James Herriot books about animals as a kid. She thinks animals are endlessly fascinating, and that we can learn a lot from them, all creatures, great and small.

Author: Allison Marie Dinglasan

Hello! I am Allison, an avid writer for 6 years with a deep interest in animals since I was a child. I grew up on Animal Planet and animal books and often did rescue work for stray and sickly cats, dogs, and birds in my area, which led to over 60 rescues. My future goal is to be a veterinarian to have a more hands-on approach to helping and learning about animals!

Author: Clarisse Jane Javier

Hello, there! I’m CJ, and I’ve been writing since primary school. I love to write about a variety of topics, from pets to the arts. I have had an endless fascination for animals since I was a kid. Until today, I always looked forward to learning more about the diverse species we have on Earth.

Author: Kaye

Hi, I’m Kaye! Since an early age, I’ve been fascinated with animals. While growing up, I was constantly watching animal programs and reading magazines. I started writing about animals in 2021 when I volunteered to be a publicity officer in a nonprofit organization that advocates for giving stray animals a better life.

Author: Mitzie C

Mitzie is a writer and animal welfare advocate. Her writing is inspired by her love for her rescue cats, Eddy and Dylan, and her rescue dogs, Cypher, Daegu and Holly. Follow her journey as she discovers her unique voice here in Floofmania and shares her insights on the importance of the animal kingdom.

Author: Fortune Ultado

Fortune is a student of veterinary medicine fueled by caffeine, cat memes, and the comforting thought that there’s a cuddly little sea otter out there keeping our kelp forests alive. When he doesn’t have his nose buried in a microbiology textbook, he advocates for animal welfare and wildlife conservation. 

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