Are Beavers Causing Damage To Your Pond? Here’s What You Want To Do About It

As much as beavers can be cute and friendly, it’s not ideal to have them in your pond, or in a pond near you. Beavers are bad for ponds in the sense that they can cause great damage to it and they might ruin it in the long term. It’s good to know what your options are if you come across a beaver in a pond.

Problems Beavers Can Cause

You probably didn’t expect it, but beavers are able to cause a lot of harm to ponds. This is mainly because they are able to (and in most cases will) build dams and this can seriously alter the environment in which they are living. 

Firstly, dams can become a barrier for fish that are migrating and cause an overwhelming abundance of animal and plant habitats. It can threaten property, agricultural crops, and even public safety. 

Their sharp teeth can harm the trees around the pond and cause unexpected tree falling; this can be harmful to other animals, people, buildings, cars, etc. 

Beavers are likely to carry diseases (such as rabies, parasites) that will spread to your pet if they drink from the pond water. 

How To Get Rid Of Beavers

Firstly, before you take any steps to get rid of the beavers that are bothering you, it is important to check whether you have the right to do so. Getting rid of a beaver is not that easy, and sometimes it takes hard work to successfully do so, and this is why you want to make sure that you are allowed to do this. 

You could install a drain pipe at the dam; this will make the area not liveable for the beaver, or not up to its standards, and the beaver will eventually leave as the dam will fail. 

You can use a live trap, but since beavers are quite large you are limited to the number of traps you can use. A clamshell trap could work. 

If you are a professional and or you have some experience, you could use a lethal trap, such as a large conibear-style body grip trap. Again, this is not for beginners and you should double-check whether you are allowed to do this where you live. 

And even if you’re allowed to, please consider using other options than a lethal trap!


To summarise, beavers can be more harmful than you think and can seriously damage the environment. It is important to take the measures to remove them, but make sure that the action you want to take is allowed. 

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