Are North American Porcupines Going Extinct? (Stable Today But Facing Some Risks)

Floofmania is happy to tell you that the North American porcupine population overall is healthy and fairly stable. In spite of the changes in their habitats, conflict with human populations, and their low reproductive rate, this quilled rodent proves itself to be a surprisingly hardy creature. Did you know that the earliest fossils of the … Read more

North American Porcupines In The Winter (Food, Behavior & Adaptations)

Sub-zero temperatures, blizzards, and a poor diet of tree bark and needles – these are some of the harsh conditions the North American porcupine has to endure every winter. This slow-moving, solitary herbivore doesn’t look like it has a lot of tools to survive the months-long extreme cold in its forest habitats. But porcupines truly … Read more

The North American Porcupine’s Social Behavior (They’re Quite Solitary)

Aloof, shy, and independent. These are not the usual words you think about when you see the roly-poly porcupine waddling from tree to tree. In the wild, the North American porcupine is prickly around other creatures (even its own kind!) and is extraordinarily self-reliant.  Are they the ultimate introverts or loners of the forests? How … Read more