Animals Similar to Mountain Lions (20 Feline Lookalikes and Misidentified Creatures)

By the featured picture alone, can you identify which wild cat owns these piercing green eyes? You’d be pretty equipped in the wilderness if you answered mountain lion, cougar, puma, catamount, or deer tiger. There are a lot of possible answers, really. And they’re all correct because they’re all just pertaining to the same animal! … Read more

The Sea Otter’s Arms, Paws, and Flippers (Explained)

All 13 otter species of the Lutrinae subfamily have four relatively short legs. They allow otters to swim, groom, walk, and manipulate (catch and eat) their prey. As the largest otters and members of their Mustelidae family, sea otters have short arms equipped with sensitive and agile forepaws. Their hind legs have also been advantageously … Read more

Sea Otter Threats & Dangers (They Need Our Help!)

Here at Floofmania, sea otters are one of our favorite marine mammals – and they could also be yours! After all, who can resist those charming furry faces? But they’re so much more than their fluff and cuteness; they are one of nature’s greatest aquatic environmentalists! As keystone species, sea otters help keep kelp forests … Read more

Sea Otters and Their Sleeping Behavior (How Do They Remain in Place as They Sleep?)

Sleeping and resting is the second-most important daily activity in a sea otter’s life, next to foraging and followed by grooming. Sea otters specifically spend 40 to 49% of their daily lives snoozing off and building up energy so they can feed and groom themselves effectively afterward.  Biologists routinely observe the resting behavior of sea … Read more