The Opossum’s Den (and What It Looks Like)

Opossum with its mouth open and teeth showing whily lying in a bed of hay.

At first glance, an opossum may look like a cat-sized mouse with its pointed snout and hairless tail. Encountering one is startling, especially when it bares its tiny sharp teeth, hissing its heart out. Some people react with disgust at their appearance, thinking they are similar to rats, or worse! Opossums are found all over …

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Snowshoe Hares and Their Sleeping Behavior

The Snowshoe hare is one of 33 species of hares and jackrabbits found all over boreal forests and high elevation areas of North America, such as the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. They get their unusual name from the size of their hind feet which indeed resembles snowshoes and function the same way by …

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How Big Are Elk? (Size, Weight, & Other Facts)

Bull elk walking on green grass next to the forest's edge.

The Cervus Canadensis, or simply elk, are generally regarded as large and majestic animals. Originally known to the Shawnee and Cree as wapiti, the elk is one of the biggest deer species on earth.  In some Native American cultures, elk are revered as creatures of spiritual significance and held in high esteem. They are truly …

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