What Animals Prey On Raccoons? (Answered)

Raccoons live all throughout North America and in some parts of South America. In these areas, you can find raccoons all over. Whether you live in a city or deep in the woods, you will likely come across a raccoon at one point or another. Even though raccoons are very adapted to different environments, they … Read more

How Long Do Raccoons Live? (Your Questions Answered)

Raccoons typically live between two and five years when they are living in the wild. In captivity, raccoons are able to live almost twice as long. Raccoons face many threats and are preyed upon by larger predators, meaning their lifespan is much shorter than that of other animals. In this article, we look in more … Read more

Raccoons and Their Drinking Behavior (Questions Answered)

Whether you think of them as adorable little bandits or tricky pests that make a mess of your garbage, raccoons are undeniably one of America’s most iconic wild mammals. There are many things that make them fascinating creatures, but how much do you know about raccoons and their drinking behavior? Whether you’re looking to provide … Read more

The Raccoon’s Habitat and Preferred Environment

Did you see a raccoon recently and started wondering where they live? Raccoons are very adaptable animals, so they can easily live in areas populated by humans. These animals aren’t picky eaters, so they can survive on anything you throw away. The raccoon’s habitat is widespread in the United States! You can find them mostly … Read more

Porcupines, Swimming, Bathing, and Water (Explained)

Porcupines are unique animals with varieties found around the world. The Native American porcupine is easily recognized by its hollow sharp quills that adorn its body. Porcupines are one of the largest animals in the rodent family found in North America. Many people know that porcupines are gifted at climbing trees. They are well-adapted to … Read more

How Beavers Live in The Winter (Questions Answered)

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Do Raccoons Actually Wash Their Food? (And Your Phone?)

Raccoons are famous for carrying things around with their tiny human-like hands and you’ve probably seen videos of them dunking different things into water. There are even a few popular clips of raccoons giving smartphones a quick wash! In other languages, the raccoon is actually named after this washing-behavior, like in Danish where it’s called … Read more

Beavers’ Hands and Feet (All You Need To Know)

There are many different things that are easy to recognize about a beaver, but perhaps their paws are not the first that you would think of. As highly specialized animals, perfectly adapted to thrive in the waterways of North America and Eurasia, beavers use their paws for a variety of purposes. This article will go … Read more

The Raccoon’s Social Behavior and Intelligence

Few animals are more recognizable than the raccoon and a lot of their behavior seems almost human-like, but how sociable are raccoons, and are they intelligent animals? The understanding of raccoons’ social behavior and intelligence has actually changed quite a lot over the years as more has been learned about these fascinating little bandits. This … Read more