The Red Wolf’s Paws And Claws (All About ‘Em)

The red wolf is the most critically endangered member of the canine family. They are only found in forests, wetlands, and bushlands of northeastern North Carolina. Red wolves are known to be persistent runners, who can move through many different terrains partly due to their big and tough paws. Let’s learn more about the red … Read more

Elk Poop (Some Pungent Questions & Answers) 

In the animal kingdom, feces (commonly known as poop) serve many purposes aside from being a “stinky” solid bodily waste. Most animals use it as a form of territorial marker, for communication, setting boundaries, and even as food! Isn’t that interesting? Speaking of poop, in this article, we will talk about the pooping behavior of … Read more

Do Bobcats Fight? (Are They Aggressive Animals?)

Fighting is a natural instinct for survival for all wild animals, it is necessary because their life depends on it.  Bobcats have a lot on their plate, they need to constantly hunt for food to stay healthy, they need to keep a shelter, compete with others for mates to reproduce with, and they have to … Read more

Bobcats And Their Drinking Behavior (Explained)

Bobcats, like most cats, are not big fans of water and swimming but they do frequent bodies of water like streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers to hydrate.  Water is part of their daily interaction with nature so it is never far away, bobcats are always around water. Bobcats drink water at least once a day, … Read more

Bobcats And Their Hearing (Questions & Answers)

Bobcats, also called red lynx, are elusive and nocturnal medium-sized cats native to North America. They have buff to brown fur, facial ruffs, and bobbed tails, from which their name was derived.  But more than these characteristics, bobcats are also best known for their tufted ears, which are very important to the bobcat when hunting … Read more

The North American Porcupine’s Habitat (Questions & Answers)

The North American porcupine is well adapted to living in different climates and environments. The rodent is usually found in forested areas all across North America, but they even thrive in urban environments.  While porcupines do have their preferred environments, they easily adapt to other locations, and it’s not uncommon to see them outside of … Read more