National Save The Eagles Day, January 10th (Everything You Need To Know)

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Published on January 3, 2023
Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Eagles are one of the most majestic creatures that navigate the skies. With their distinct features like sharp talons, long wing spans, and feathers, they are easily distinguishable and identified from other birds. 

There are more than 60 species of eagles in the world, and their features can vary depending on what type of eagle they are! Unfortunately, some of them are considered endangered species. 

On the brighter side, bald eagles, one of the endangered species, are no longer considered endangered because of the conservation efforts made for them. These conservation efforts include different laws, organizations, and programs! One of them is National Save The Eagles Day. 

Bald eagle flying with its wings stretched out and a blue sky behind it.

In order to protect the eagle species, the National Save The Eagles Day every January 10th was established! This day is made to raise awareness about the current situation of eagles and discusses the ways to prevent their extinction.  

Now, do you want to know more about this special day? Follow along with Floofmania and learn everything you need to know about it!                   

What is National Save The Eagles Day?

The National Save the Eagles Day is celebrated every January 10 to raise awareness about the eagle, its situation, and the conservation efforts being made to protect the species and avoid its extinction. Aside from that, this day also honors these magnificent creatures. 

Bald eagle about to dip its feet into the water's surface from fast flight, with a beautiful blue background and the reflection of the eagle in the water like a mirror.

The first Save the Eagles Day was celebrated in the New Jersey village of Ridgefield Park in 2015. It was originally established as a result of advocating for the safety of two bald eagles nesting in the area. The eagles, at the time, were on the verge of losing their nesting area because of a local developer’s proposal to cut down the tree they were nesting in.

This led the Bergen County Audubon Society and the neighborhood to come together to host the first Save the Eagles Day on January 10, 2015! 

While Save the Eagle Day started with just advocating for a pair of bald eagles, it has now expanded to include all eagle species! So now, more than 60 eagle species are included in this advocacy day. 

How Is Save The Eagles Day Celebrated? 

Save The Eagles Day is celebrated in a number of ways:

First, large organizations like the American Eagle Foundation occasionally conduct events advocating for eagle endangerment awareness and looking for donators and sponsors for eagle enclosures.

Aside from that, you can also check your local zoos nearby as they often have something prepared for special days like this as well! For example, check this blog of Virginia Zoo in Norfolk showcasing their very own eagle named Abe. 

Can You Spot The Hidden Eagle?

Although the bald eagle isn’t an endangered species anymore, other eagle species are still quite rare.

There’s an eagle hidden in the image below. Can you spot it?

Spot the hidden eagle.

Where in North America are Eagles Most Common?

Bald eagles, which are the most common eagle species in North America, are most commonly found in Canada and Alaska. Despite being more widespread in those areas, bald eagles can still be seen in other places like the rest of the contiguous United States and even northern Mexico. 

Bald eagles are usually seen near open and large bodies of water where they have access to food. The majority of their diet consists of fish. They also prefer the presence of older, bigger trees since they use these to build nests. 

Closeup of a bald eagle with its face in profile.

Another species that is commonly sighted in North America is the golden eagle. The range of the golden eagle extends from Mexico through western North America up to Alaska.

Closeup of a golden eagle with its face turned.
Fact: The bald eagle is United States' national bird, while the golden eagle is Mexico's national bird. In short, both eagles are considered national icons in their respective countries!

Why are Eagles Endangered?   

Now, you might wonder what could threaten an impressive and powerful animal like the eagle. Even though eagles are strong apex predators, they still can’t escape the wide range of dangers brought by human-related activities such as the following: 

Habitat Degradation Are A Threat To Eagles

One of the reasons why eagles are under threat is habitat loss and degradation. Because of activities such as illegal logging and mining, mining, and housing development, the eagle’s natural habitat is threatened. This habitat loss affects their chances of survival and breeding success. 

Illegal Hunting Is a Concern For The Preservation of Eagles

Unfortunately, despite it being illegal, eagles are hunted for trophies frequently. In addition to that, animals that have been fired upon by hunters may have lead in them (from the firearms used by the hunters), which can be lethal to eagles if the animal is later consumed as prey. 

A study of 1,210 bald and golden eagles in 38 US states found that 47% of the animals had chronic lead poisoning. Also in Canada, similar incidents have been documented.

Chemical Poisoning Causes A Decline In Eagle Populations

Toxic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides are often used in agriculture, and to eradicate pests. But, similar to lead poisoning, eagles can get poisoned by these chemicals. 

Two bald eagles, one sitting in a nest and another sitting on a branch just above the nest and a clear blue sky behind them.

Additionally, a single eagle may only produce two to three chicks each year, and chick mortality is inherently high. An eagle population can be severely harmed by seemingly insignificant threats. 

What are Some of the Eagle Conservation Efforts in North America?

After having discussed some of the reasons why eagles are endangered, let’s now talk about the conservation efforts that are being put in place to combat the problem: 

The Endangered Species Act Legally Protects Eagles

Animals, fish, and plants that are categorized as vulnerable or endangered are protected under the Endangered Species Act. It also puts recovery-related initiatives into action. 

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Specifically Protect Eagles

Meanwhile, the 1940 Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act prohibit anybody from owning or possessing bald or golden eagles, including their parts, nests, or eggs, without a permit from the relevant authorities.

The American Eagle Foundation Unites People In Protecting Eagles

The mission of the American Eagle Foundation is to mobilize people everywhere to save and preserve the Bald Eagle and other eagles and birds. By focusing on conservation, education, and protection as their three primary pillars, they are able to accomplish their purpose in many ways.

National Eagle Center Pushes For Education Initiatives

Education in eagle ecology, biology, and natural history is a priority at the National Eagle Center. Additionally, they pay tribute to the eagle’s role as a symbol and significance in both American history and other cultures.

Due to these laws, projects, and organizations, bald eagles successfully got removed from the list of endangered species in 2007! Today, eagles in North America are being taken care of and protected. Plus, there are other organizations out there that are doing the same thing! 

What Can You Do To Help Save the Eagles?

As an individual, you can do a lot of impactful things to help save our eagles! In fact, you can even do some of them without leaving the vicinity of your house.  

As mentioned, many organizations and causes look for possible donators or sponsors for their projects which include new eagle enclosures, improving facilities in existing eagle conservatories, and paying for medical fees for injured eagles

Individuals Can Help Raise Awareness About Eagles

To safeguard their environment, you may educate students at your school and engage the neighborhood about the current situation of our eagles. 

You can also do this online! There are a lot of publication materials meant for raising awareness about eagles, and simply sharing them with your friends or on your social media accounts can help

Educating Yourself About Eagles

Thankfully, most information we need is now one click away on the internet! With that, you can easily gain access to materials and watch documentaries about these majestic creatures. 

For example, you can check this 30-minute free documentary entitled, “Eagles: The Kings of the Sky”. It provides a great introduction to the eagle’s behavior, hunting techniques, and more! 

Plus, you can visit your school’s library to read more about eagles! There are a lot of books and magazines (like those from National Geographic) that can give you additional knowledge about eagles. 

Join Organizations Concerned With The Protection Of Eagles

Of course, you can join various organizations dedicated to eagles! It can be a school organization, an organization in your local community, and the like. 

In these organizations, you can volunteer your time and get a chance to personally meet these amazing creatures.

Some Interesting Facts About Eagles: 

Eagles Are Monogamous

Eagles are known for only having one mate in their entire lifetime! They also tend to use the same nest every year. 

Eagles Have Extremely Sharp Eyesight

An eagle’s eyesight can be 20/4 or 20/5! This means that their eyes are four to five times sharper than ours! That’s why eagles can spot their prey even from three miles away. 

Eagles Are Great Nest-Builders

Eagles are known for having one of the largest nest sizes in the animal kingdom! Large sticks are used to build eagle nests, which may also be lined with sod, moss, grass, or seaweed. Typically, their nests have a circumference of 4-6 feet and a depth of 3 feet, which is very large for a bird’s nest!

Additional Fact: The largest known bald eagle’s nest was 10 feet in diameter and 20 feet tall, and it was located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

You Can Watch Eagles Live From Your Phone. 

While this isn’t your typical eagle fact, it’s quite something! There are several sites where you can digitally practice bird watching., for example, gives you access to multiple Live HD Nest Cams, where you can follow along. A perfect way to pass time! 

Bald eagle sitting on the edge of its nest in a pine tree.

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Hi, I’m Kaye! Since an early age, I’ve been fascinated with animals. While growing up, I was constantly watching animal programs and reading magazines. I started writing about animals in 2021 when I volunteered to be a publicity officer in a nonprofit organization that advocates for giving stray animals a better life.

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  • Kaye

    Hi, I’m Kaye! Since an early age, I’ve been fascinated with animals. While growing up, I was constantly watching animal programs and reading magazines. I started writing about animals in 2021 when I volunteered to be a publicity officer in a nonprofit organization that advocates for giving stray animals a better life.

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