How Beavers Live in The Winter (Questions Answered)

Besides being the largest rodent in North America, the beaver is very important to the forest and waterways they live in. They can change the entire landscape of their surroundings by building dams, flooding forests, and creating wetlands. Beavers are among the few animals capable of changing their own environment to meet their needs. Fortunately, … Read more

Beavers’ Hands and Feet (All You Need To Know)

There are many different things that are easy to recognize about a beaver, but perhaps their paws are not the first that you would think of. As highly specialized animals, perfectly adapted to thrive in the waterways of North America and Eurasia, beavers use their paws for a variety of purposes. This article will go … Read more

Are Beavers Going Extinct? (How’s The Species Doing?)

There are two species of beaver alive today, the North American beaver (Castor canadensis, commonly known as the American Beaver) and the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber). Neither of them is threatened or at risk of becoming extinct. Further, not only are they not going extinct, but both species are thriving in their habitats in northern … Read more

The Beaver’s Fur and How It Grooms It

One of the most recognizable creatures in North America, the beaver has quite a distinctive coat that is famous all over the world. Its fur is specially adapted to allow it to stay warm and keep off the water as it swims, but it also has historically been quite a prize for hunters and traders. … Read more

Beavers and Swimming (The Perfect Water Rodent)

One of North America’s most iconic mammals, the North American beaver (a slightly different species than the Eurasian beaver) is famously a semi-aquatic large rodent that spends a significant amount of its time in and around the water. These beautiful animals have a close and fascinating relationship with the waterways that they call home. The … Read more

Beavers And Running: What You Need To Know

Beavers are mostly associated with the water, and with good reason. Even though beavers are a type of mammal, their bodies are not well suited for the land or running. In fact, seeing a beaver run is quite a funny sight since they more waddle than run. Because of their webbed feet, round bodies, and … Read more

Do Beavers Climb or Jump?

Beavers are rodents and rodents are typically good climbers. Mice and groundhogs are very skilled when it comes to climbing trees, walls, and fences. However, beavers are a completely different story. While beavers a capable of doing a lot, climbing and jumping are not on that list. Do you find yourself wondering if beavers climb … Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Beavers Digging

A lot of people are fascinated by beavers because they are one of only a few animals that are capable of modifying their habitat. If you have ever seen beavers digging, you may have wondered what they were doing.  Beavers are actually very good diggers, and there are several reasons why these critters dig. On … Read more