The Bobcat’s Fur, Whiskers, and Tail

One of the most distinct characteristics of a bobcat is its physical appearance. Their appearance makes them easily distinguishable as a member of the Felidae family.  Aside from that, the bobcat’s fluffy coat makes it feel warm in cold seasons and protected during the scorching summer heat. Meanwhile, its whiskers guide the bobcat through the … Read more

The Bobcat’s Teeth and Bite (Questions Answered)

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are known to be shy, elusive, and very secretive in nature. Their looks are similar to that of a house cat, albeit them being much larger. However, don’t be fooled by these descriptions. These felines are highly ferocious and are very powerful predators. The bobcat’s teeth and bite are the stuff of … Read more

Bobcats And Their Climbing Behavior   

As part of the Felidae family, bobcats have large paws, facial whiskers, and sharp claws. The bobcat’s ability to escape their predators and catch their prey is often associated with their running speed. But how about their climbing skills? Bobcats are proven to be great climbers, and they can climb many types of tall structures. … Read more

Sounds That Bobcats Make And What They Mean 

Bobcats are beautiful and dangerous animals. While they are quite scared of humans, they can attack if they feel threatened. Whether you live in a climate where bobcats are present or you are going on a trip where you may see them in the wild, you should know a little more about the sounds that … Read more

Bobcats, Mating, Reproduction, Babies, and More

Bobcats are striking cats that are tough to miss. Much like other felines, bobcats are super cute. Their kittens are especially adorable little furballs. However, you don’t want to mess with the bobcat, especially not during its breeding season. To learn about how bobcats behave during mating season and reproduction, keep reading. This guide tells … Read more