Coyotes and Their Teeth, Jaws, and Bite!

One of the most distinguishing features coyotes have from their canine cousins is their small, narrow, and pointy snout. Even though this is a rather diminutive feature for this type of creature, their jaws have an amazing and expansive range. Since these pack animals are both scavengers and hunters, their snouts, also called muzzles, are … Read more

Coyotes’ Sleeping Habits (8 Questions Answered)

Coyotes are considered nocturnal, but in some places, they can be found awake during the daytime. Coyotes are often awoken by a loud noise while sleeping in their chosen rest area. The chosen sleeping area is not a permanent spot for the coyote. Coyotes often change their sleeping location every few days, if not daily. … Read more

Are You Seeing A Coyote? – Animals That Look Like Coyotes

Coyotes are unique among the canine family. They only live in North America and are some of the most intelligent and cunning animals in existence. But, if you’re out and about in the great outdoors, it is possible to mistake them for other animals. So, what other animals look like coyotes? There are only a … Read more

Are Coyotes on the Verge of Extinction?

Coyotes are an adaptive species that are considered an integral part of the ecosystem. Coyotes are classified as “least concern” species because of their rapidly growing population. The coyote has territory in 49 states and counting, with extinction nowhere in sight. The exact number of coyotes in the United States is unknown. However, the range … Read more

Symbolism And Dreams: What Do Coyotes Mean?

People have many different interpretations of what the wild coyote represents. These spiritual canines are intuitive trickers known for their sneaky tendencies. Many cultures have their own renditions of these spiritual creatures. Coyotes have a significant meaning in the Native American culture. There are many folklore tales involving coyotes that represent the coyote’s adaptive personalities. … Read more

How Big Are Coyotes? (8 Questions About Coyotes’ Size)

Many things influence how big coyotes are. Overall, the health of a coyote is the most important factor in coyote sizes. Coyotes are medium-sized canines that vary in size based on gender and place in their social hierarchy. These scrawny dog-like animals can grow anywhere between 30-50 pounds.  Depending on their gender, coyotes significantly vary … Read more

The Coyote Species – 8 Questions Answered

The coyote species is a highly adaptive mammal that is a descendant of the wolf. This descendant of the wolf also has many similarities with the domestic dog. They are so similar you may even confuse the two! Interbreeding between species is possible and has resulted in the powerful coywolf. The coywolf is a coyote … Read more

Coyotes and Their Eyes – How Coyotes See

No one can say for certain what coyotes see or how they see. Some studies have revealed a few of these mysteries and other experts guesstimate based on what we know about K9s in general. Regardless, coyote eyesight is an interesting and intriguing study. Although we may want to perceive coyotes from a human perspective, … Read more