Coyotes’ Social Behavior (12 Facts)

Coyotes are intelligent animals who live a highly social life. These communicative canines live in packs of up to six adult coyotes where they work together to defend their territory, coordinate nightly hunts, and raise the pups of their alpha coyotes. Each member of the pack has their own role and must live according to their pack’s … Read more

Coyote Reproduction (All Your Questions Answered)

Coyotes are beautiful canines that form deep, long-lasting connections with their mates. They enjoy a monogamous relationship with their partner and treat their pack as a family, protecting them, providing for them, and doing everything they can to keep each other safe as they raise one, cohesive unit.  Mating season starts in December with many … Read more

How to Repel Coyotes! (27 Questions Answered)

For families with small children and pets, especially those who live near or next to the forest, coyotes are a constant annoyance and even fear. After all, they are fierce pack hunters. There are plenty of reasons to want this wild animal to stay away from you, your children, and your family, without needing to … Read more

What Sounds Do Coyotes Make and What Do They Mean?

When many folks think of coyotes they instantly think of the moon and rightfully so! Coyotes are known for howling at the moon, but did you know coyotes and the sounds they make are not just limited to howling? There is an abundance of communication methods coyotes use to get their point across in the night and day!  The … Read more