The Elk and Its Odor: Are Elk Smelly?

The elk ( Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America. These large deer are easy to spot not just because of their size and appearance but also by their scent. Yup, you read it right. Male and female elk do have distinct odors that you cannot miss.  What makes these …

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Elk and Running (How Fast Can They Go?)

Bull elk walking on grass next to the edge of the forest.

The elk or wapiti (Cervus Canadensis) is one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America and eastern Asia and the most highly evolved Old World deer. In the Cervidae family, this majestic creature stands second only to the moose, reaching a shoulder height of up to 5 feet and a weight of up to …

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Elk Poop (Some Pungent Questions & Answers) 

Closeup of two elk with big antlers grazing next to one another.

In the animal kingdom, feces (commonly known as poop) serve many purposes aside from being a “stinky” solid bodily waste. Most animals use it as a form of territorial marker, for communication, for setting boundaries, and even as food! Isn’t that interesting? Speaking of poop, in this article, we will talk about the pooping behavior …

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How Big Are Elk? (Size, Weight, & Other Facts)

Bull elk walking on green grass next to the forest's edge.

The Cervus Canadensis, or simply elk, are generally regarded as large and majestic animals. Originally known to the Shawnee and Cree as wapiti, the elk is one of the biggest deer species on earth.  In some Native American cultures, elk are revered as creatures of spiritual significance and held in high esteem. They are truly …

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Elk and Their Sleeping Behavior (When, Where, How Much?)

Elks are some of nature’s most beautiful animals. They are tall, graceful, and very strong, but also intriguing. Many people don’t realize it, but they share quite a few similarities with us. Like us, elk are great at adapting to their environment. While they can’t change their physical characteristics, elks can adjust their behavior to …

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The Elk’s Feet and Hooves (All The Answers)

The North American elk, or wapiti, has hooves that have distinct characteristics and make them unique compared to other mammal species. Having said that, let’s focus on the elk’s feet and hooves. For sure there are questions you have in mind that need to be answered.  What makes the elk’s hooves different from the hooves …

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Elk And Swimming (Are Elk Good Swimmers?)

One of the most remarkable animals coming from the deer family is the elk. These animals are found only in select parts of the world, such as North American regions and certain parts of Asia. Elk and other species in the deer family often live in extreme habitats, and this has forced them to develop …

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The Many Sounds Of Elk, And What They Mean

Elk are very vocal creatures, probably the most talkative of the Cervidae family. But in what situations do elk make sounds to communicate with other members of their herd? These situations include distress, submission, identifying a threat, maternal communication, social chatting, advertising, and mating. Depending on the type of elk and time of year, you …

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All About Elk Reproduction, Mating, and Calves

Elk are truly majestic members of the deer family that are commonly found throughout Asia and North America.  These large, omnivorous, hooved mammals tend to live in herds for most of the year, but how does this behavior change during mating season? Elk tend to break up into smaller herds based upon who they are …

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