A Survey About Americans and Wildlife Experiences

A deer and a faun walking along a fence close to house.

How Often Do People in the U.S. See Wild Mammals in Their Day-to-Day Lives? This article was proofread in November 2023 by wildlife researcher Jonathan Way who runs the website Eastern Coyote Research Introduction From the majestic bears of Yellowstone National Park to the squirrels in urban parks, Americans share their landscapes with a diverse array …

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February: National Bird Feeding Month

Little girl feeding birds

According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), 47.8 million Americans enjoy feeding birds in their yard. That amounts to about 1/3 of the United States population! The hobby benefits birds too. Primarily, it helps those who have stayed for the winter and are struggling to find food. But it also helps those who …

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What is Insular Dwarfism and How Does It Affect Animals?

One of the biggest things that impact a species’ evolution is its environment, where animals live, eat, and mate. The ecosystem has everything to do withr a species’ diet, behavior, and physical characteristics! Although most environments are interconnected, some ecosystems develop in isolation from the wider world, limiting their available resources, territory, and species. Being …

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What is Habitat Fragmentation, and How Does it Affect Animals?

Many environmental issues threaten our animal friends today. Some of these problems are well-known issues that everyone is aware of, such as overhunting, habitat loss, and global warming. Unfortunately, not all issues are as well-understood. Many environmental problems, such as habitat fragmentation, which is strongly linked to habitat loss, tend to go unnoticed. Not many …

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What is a Keystone Species? (Why They Matter and What You Should Know About Them)

A keystone species is an organism that other organisms depend on to such a high degree that its local environment would significantly change if the keystone species were to disappear. While all organisms are important and have important roles in their local environment, in most cases, the environment would remain relatively unchanged. However, if a …

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