What Do Gophers Eat? (Your Questions Answered)

Gophers are burrowing rodents known for tunneling through the ground. They’re found throughout North America in the wild and, probably, in your gardens. While you likely know that gophers love to dig underground, you may also want to know what gophers eat. Since they spend most of their time underground, gophers mostly eat the thick, … Read more

How Gophers Move Around (Can They Climb, Jump, Swim, and Run?)

Gophers are small, furry animals found in North and Central America. They live in the woodlands and grass prairies of coastal and mountainous regions.  They are fossorial rodents that are known for their excessive underground digging and tunneling. However, can gophers also perform other locomotor activities such as climbing and jumping? Let’s explore how these … Read more

Gophers Eating!

Gophers, Mating, Reproduction, Babies, and More

The pocket gopher is a small and furry animal that digs through the yards of North and Central America. It has close cousins that are found in the West and Southeast.  Gophers are known for making their own tunnels where they spend their lives, keep their food, and take care of their young. They are … Read more

Sounds That Gophers Make And What They Mean

If you’ve seen a gopher in person and have perhaps heard noises coming from them, or have observed them being silent, you may be wondering about the sounds that gophers make and what they mean.  Gophers are usually silent, but that doesn’t mean that that’s always the case. In fact, these rodents often will produce … Read more