Groundhogs VS Prairie Dogs VS Gophers – A Comparison

Groundhogs, Prairie Dogs, and Gophers are often confused with one another because of the similarity in their appearance and digging behavior.  Even though they have highly similar features, distinguishing one from another is definitely possible. Let’s investigate the characteristics that set these animals apart from one another! Are Groundhogs, Prairie Dogs, and Gophers Related? Groundhogs, … Read more

Are Groundhogs Going Extinct? (Threats & Dangers)

These days, more and more animals are facing the possibility of extinction. Even animals that aren’t technically considered endangered still face threats to their survival. These threats can be long-term problems that put their species at risk if not adequately addressed. While the public is becoming increasingly aware of this problem, many animals continue to … Read more

How Do Groundhogs Fight and Protect Their Young?

Groundhogs aren’t what you think of when you think of dangerous animals. They are generally pretty passive and even a bit timid, preferring to avoid confrontation. However, they can be surprisingly fierce critters when pushed.  That is especially true when their safety or the safety of their young is concerned. If something threatens their families, … Read more

Groundhogs Swimming, Bathing, and Water

Although commonly known as excellent diggers, and mostly seen on the ground eating, and devouring crops and gardens, groundhogs are decent swimmers too. They do not stay in bodies of water if they can help it. But when necessary, groundhogs can carry their own in the water. Can Groundhogs Swim? Oh yes, groundhogs can swim. … Read more

Groundhogs and Running: Do They Move Outside of Their Burrows?

One thing groundhogs are known for is that they are exceptional burrowers. But what exactly are their burrows for, and do groundhogs move outside them? Groundhogs are like underground architects because they dig and build their complex burrows with many chambers and connecting tunnels. These groundhog burrows servethree main purposes: protection from their predators, their … Read more

Dangers And Threats to Groundhogs (Your Questions Answered)

Groundhogs are rodent troublemakers that belong to the Sciuridae family native only to North America. They are relentless diggers, excellent swimmers, and ferocious plant-eaters. Groundhogs are known to dig and eat through crops, gardens, farms, and private properties, and they can cause a lot of damage. This is why groundhogs are considered pests.  Aside from … Read more