When Are Groundhogs Active? (Day or Night? And What Kind of Weather?)

Groundhogs are diurnal animals, meaning they are active during the day. The groundhog loves warm weather and sunshine and is famous for providing insight into upcoming seasons. The groundhog becomes active in the morning before falling inactive in the daytime. Groundhogs may become briefly active in the evening before sleeping at night. The groundhog is … Read more

Sounds That Groundhogs Make (And What They Mean)

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are relatively noisy mammals during the daytime -and silent during the night. They love to converse with other members of their groundhog group by using chirps and grunts when they become excited.  The groundhog makes a lot of defensive noises such as teeth chattering, hissing, and shrilling. The proactive woodchuck … Read more

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Groundhog Babies, Mating, and Reproduction

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are non-monogamous rodents that mate each spring to produce roughly six pups. At roughly two years, groundhogs begin to mate. Males establish territories and then seek out female groundhogs to start their mating practice each spring. Males mate with numerous females to produce as many pups as possible. The reason … Read more

What Do Groundhogs Eat? The Hungry Rodent’s Eating Habits

Do not be surprised if you find a groundhog eating the vegetables in your garden. The groundhog is a great forager, and its diet revolves mainly around vegetables. They are prone to exploring the rich produce of gardens. The groundhog is a proud herbivore who relies on vegetables to survive. Each morning, groundhogs eat a … Read more

What’s That Smell? It Might Be A Groundhog

Groundhogs are adorable (or pesky, depending on where you live) little critters that are known around the world for predicting the arrival of spring. What you may not have known about groundhogs is that they can be just as foul-smelling at times as they are cute. However, this isn’t a hygiene issue because they don’t … Read more

Do Groundhogs Drink Water?

A groundhog is a large rodent that burrows into the ground and hibernates inside that burrow. In North America, we credit groundhogs with telling us when Spring will start.  Legend says that if a groundhog sees its shadow in the early spring, spring will persist for six more weeks. If the groundhog comes out of … Read more

Play of the Living Dead: Groundhog Survival Habits

The groundhog, or woodchuck, is a rodent related to squirrels. They scurry about forest floors and urban growing spaces. Groundhogs often rampage gardens and attract the enthusiastic attention of household pets, like dogs and cats. Do Groundhogs Play Dead? But if you’ve ever witnessed a groundhog’s moment of panic, you’ll notice that, sometimes, they go … Read more

Can Groundhogs Climb Trees? (Are They Good Climbers?)

Groundhogs (or woodchucks) can easily climb trees, cliffs, and other terrains because of their sharp claws. However, they only climb when necessary. Given the groundhog’s name, it should be no surprise that it prefers to remain on the ground.  Generally, the only reason that woodchucks climb trees are to escape large predators. These mammals can … Read more