Where Can Hedgehogs Be Found? (Wild and Domesticated!) 

Hedgehogs, along with moonrats, shrews, and moles, belong to the Erinaceidae family. They are mammals and not rodents. Also, despite their similarities in appearance, hedgehogs are not closely related to porcupines. The species are soft and floofy when relaxed, but they raise their 3,000-5,000 quills into a prickly position once threatened. What countries are they … Read more

Are Hedgehogs Territorial? (Home Ranges And Turf-Claiming)

Many of us know hedgehogs to be cute household pets, but hedgehogs are wild animals native to various parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Naturally, many of us will wonder about their behavior in the wild, especially if hedgehogs are territorial. Hedgehogs are not territorial animals by nature and would rather avoid conflict. Plus, hedgehogs … Read more

When Are Hedgehogs Most Active? (Night, Day, Weather, Seasons)

Cone-shaped faces, short legs, and bodies covered with spikes make hedgehogs a unique little mammal. Hedgehogs, with their sharp spines, aren’t exactly cuddly creatures.  Despite this, they are still known for their outgoing personalities and playfulness. Let’s get to know these cute animals and their daily routines! What Time of Day Are Hedgehogs The Most … Read more

Where Can I Buy A Pet Hedgehog? (All US States)

Hedgehogs are exotic animals available in every state, excluding California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. When it comes to purchasing hedgehogs, the most common place people buy hedgehogs is from pet stores. However, purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store can be a major mistake because of the lack of socialization that they give their hoglets. … Read more

Are Hedgehogs High Maintenance? (19 Things You Should Know)

Hedgehogs are not just unusual in appearance! These nocturnal creatures are troublemakers in the critter community and people often say this exotic pet is expensive and high maintenance. But is that really the truth?  Hedgehogs are solitary, low-maintenance pets that do not require much interaction from their owners. Even more, they are affordable! This makes them great … Read more

Hedgehogs’ Social Behavior (8 Things You Didn’t Know)

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures who love to live by themselves! Unlike many other pets, hedgehogs do not require socialization from their owners which is by far one of the hedgehog’s most abnormal social behaviors. Just because hedgehogs do not require socialization from their owners does not mean they are anti-social though. In fact, hedgehogs love … Read more

Hedgehog Life Expectancy (And 13 Related Questions Answered)

Within the past decade or so, hedgehogs have grown in popularity among animal lovers. Today, they are a rather common pet and are available from a variety of different sources including pet stores and dedicated hedgehog breeders. If you’ve been considering getting a hedgehog or have recently acquired one, you might be wondering how long … Read more