Where Can I Buy A Pet Hedgehog? (All US States)

Hedgehogs are exotic animals available in every state, excluding California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. When it comes to purchasing hedgehogs, the most common place people buy hedgehogs is from pet stores. However, purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store can be a major mistake because of the lack of socialization that they give their hoglets. … Read more

Are Hedgehogs High Maintenance? (19 Things You Should Know)

Hedgehogs are not just unusual in appearance! These nocturnal creatures are troublemakers in the critter community and people often say this exotic pet is expensive and high maintenance. But is that really the truth?  Hedgehogs are solitary, low-maintenance pets that do not require much interaction from their owners. Even more, they are affordable! This makes them great … Read more

Hedgehogs’ Social Behavior (8 Things You Didn’t Know)

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures who love to live by themselves! Unlike many other pets, hedgehogs do not require socialization from their owners which is by far one of the hedgehog’s most abnormal social behaviors. Just because hedgehogs do not require socialization from their owners does not mean they are anti-social though. In fact, hedgehogs love … Read more

Hedgehog Life Expectancy (And 13 Related Questions Answered)

Within the past decade or so, hedgehogs have grown in popularity among animal lovers. Today, they are a rather common pet and are available from a variety of different sources including pet stores and dedicated hedgehog breeders. If you’ve been considering getting a hedgehog or have recently acquired one, you might be wondering how long … Read more

Hedgehogs and Sleeping: Habits and Patterns of Sleeping Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs have a lazy reputation because of their unusual sleep cycles but hedgehogs and sleeping go deeper than taking naps all day! They are great pets if you need a buddy for the graveyard shift or someone to start your morning with.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal mammals and they spend up to 18 hours of their day sleeping … Read more

Do Hedgehogs Hibernate? (17 Questions Answered)

Hedhehogs exist in many different climates around the world, and show a particular response to changes in environmental conditions such as the temperature. Unlike most animals who migrate to warmer regions in winters to assure survival, hedgehogs would respond by hibernating.    Why Do Hedgehogs Hibernate? Extremely cold temperatures may pose severe survival issues for … Read more

How Do Hedgehogs Move Around?

A hedgehog is an animal that typically stays low-key and under the radar (quite literally), so not one you typically hear about. It’s also quite discreet in the way it moves around! When hedgehogs move around in nature, it’s mostly during the night, while they’re out looking for food. In the wild, hedgehogs hunt and … Read more

How Do Hedgehogs Protect Themselves? (Fighting, Fleeing, or Defense?)

When it comes to confrontation, hedgehogs generally protect themselves by curling into a ball, making noises to warn off any threats, or running away. They rarely fight back against a predator, but male hedgehogs might fight over a mate or food sources. Hedgehog Defense Mode: Curling Up Into a Ball While fleeing is usually their … Read more

What Do Hedgehogs Eat In The Wild? (Everything They Eat And Some Things They Stay Away From!)

In the wild hedgehogs will eat predominantly insects and other small invertebrates. This provides them with all of the nutrition that they need. Hedgehogs are fascinating creatures in the wild. They are typically hard to spot given that they are nocturnal creatures and are very good at hiding and camouflaging themselves amongst the leaves and … Read more