Mountain Lion VS Wolves – A Comparison Between Two American Predators

Mountain lions and wolves are both major predators in their respective ecosystems. While they both earn respect as being animals on top of the food chain, have you ever wondered how the two animals compare? Mountain lions are generally larger and stronger than wolves, but wolves are faster and have more endurance. The mountain lion … Read more

Mountain Lions VS Coyotes – A Comparison Between Two Predators

When you think about common land predators in North America, the first ones that often come to mind are mountain lions and coyotes. These predators are both strong and fierce carnivores that can dominate their given territory. However, you may wonder how these two animals compare to each other. Mountain lions are much larger in … Read more

Animals Similar to Mountain Lions (20 Feline Lookalikes and Misidentified Creatures)

By the featured picture alone, can you identify which wild cat owns these piercing green eyes? You’d be pretty equipped in the wilderness if you answered mountain lion, cougar, puma, catamount, or deer tiger. There are a lot of possible answers, really. And they’re all correct because they’re all just pertaining to the same animal! … Read more