The Mountain Lion’s Eyes and Vision (Nightvision, Colorblindness & More)

A mountain lion sloughing on a rock int he sun.

Mountain lions have different names in different regions of the Americas. They are sometimes called puma, cougar, or panther. But, no matter where you are or what name they are called, mountain lions are always known for their large size, adaptability, and agility. And aside from those skills, they are also gifted with an excellent …

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Mountain Lions And Their Sense Of Smell

The mountain lion goes by many names like the cougar, catamount, or panther, but whatever name we choose to call this amazing animal, it remains a unique feline because of its special physical features and skill set. Just like the other species of small cats, the mountain lion is built to be an exceptional hunter.  …

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Sounds That Mountain Lions Make And What They Mean

Big cats make some of the most notorious sounds in the animal kingdom. From an adorable purr to a terrifying roar, cats communicate in a number of ways. Interestingly, mountain lions have unique noises and communication styles that are unique to this species. For example, did you know that mountain lions are not capable of …

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