The North American Porcupine’s Social Behavior (They’re Quite Solitary)

Aloof, shy, and independent. These are not the usual words you think about when you see the roly-poly porcupine waddling from tree to tree. In the wild, the North American porcupine is prickly around other creatures (even its own kind!) and is extraordinarily self-reliant.  Are they the ultimate introverts or loners of the forests? How … Read more

The North American Porcupine’s Habitat (Questions & Answers)

The North American porcupine is well adapted to living in different climates and environments. The rodent is usually found in forested areas all across North America, but they even thrive in urban environments.  While porcupines do have their preferred environments, they easily adapt to other locations, and it’s not uncommon to see them outside of … Read more

What Do North American Porcupines Eat?

Amongst the 12 porcupine species, the North American porcupine is the most common in the New World porcupine family. This had led people to wonder about what they eat. North American porcupines eat vegetation, such as vegetables, roots, bark, grass, fruits, and more. While some have been spotted gnawing on animal bones, they are mostly … Read more

The North American Porcupine Species (Questions Answered)

North American porcupines live in coniferous and mixed-forest ecosystems, grasslands, desert shrub ecosystems, and tundra. They survive in different environments because of their adaptability and their defensive mechanisms.  One of their most famous defense mechanisms is their quills that cover almost all of their plumb body. Let’s learn more about these spiky animals and how … Read more