Muskrat VS Opossums (A Comparison)

Arguably two of the most underrated creatures roaming around North America, muskrats and opossums are often mistaken for one another. So what’s the difference? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Though they may look somewhat similar, muskrats and opossums have very different characteristics that set them apart. In this post, we’ll take a closer … Read more

Are Opossums Dangerous? (To People Or Pets)

The poor opossum (Didelphidae), or just plainly “possum”, is one of the most misunderstood animals out there. Opossums are often accused of committing violent acts like preying upon domestic birds and attacking chicken coops, as well as transmitting dangerous diseases to people and pets alike. Is there any truth to these accusations? Are opossums really … Read more

Are Opossums Smelly? (Questions Answered)

Opossums, which include almost 100 species under the order of Didelphimorphia, are not the most loved animals around. They have a less-than-stellar reputation, primarily thanks to their rat-like appearance. Opossums are often misunderstood and viewed as dimwitted, dirty pests whose most impressive party trick is to play dead. Is that all there is to them, … Read more

Opossums and Their Sleeping Behavior

Virginia Opossums are nocturnal marsupials local to the North American region (not to be confused with possums from Australia). These animals are roughly the size of small dogs and carry their children in a fleshy pouch.  There are many interesting facts about opossums. For one thing, how do they sleep? Do they really sleep hanging … Read more

Do Opossums Make Good Pets? (Your Questions Answered)

Opossums are the only marsupials in North America. They are generally gentle and cuddly, which makes them adored by many people. Because of how calm they seem, you might be thinking of getting one as a pet.  Opossums are magnificent animals, but concerns should be addressed first when considering getting one as a pet. Keeping … Read more

The Opossum’s Hunting and Scavenging Behavior

Whether you love them or hate them, opossums (often referred to as possums) are one of America’s most famous animals, and they certainly have a lot of character. Although they are most well-known for scavenging, opossums are omnivores with a very diverse and opportunistic diet, and they are natural predators as well. There is a … Read more

Opossum Sounds (Clicking, Sneezing, Growling, & Hissing and What They Mean)

The American opossum is North America’s only native marsupial, which means they have a special pouch to carry babies. These nocturnal critters are solitary scavengers, and play a vital role in their habitat in pest management. Opossums are usually quiet creatures, but make clicking sounds to communicate with mates and their young. Opossums also make … Read more