Raccoons and Their Drinking Behavior (Questions Answered)

Whether you think of them as adorable little bandits or tricky pests that make a mess of your garbage, raccoons are undeniably one of America’s most iconic wild mammals. There are many things that make them fascinating creatures, but how much do you know about raccoons and their drinking behavior? Whether you’re looking to provide … Read more

The Raccoon’s Habitat and Preferred Environment

Did you see a raccoon recently and started wondering where they live? Raccoons are very adaptable animals, so they can easily live in areas populated by humans. These animals aren’t picky eaters, so they can survive on anything you throw away. The raccoon’s habitat is widespread in the United States! You can find them mostly … Read more

Do Raccoons Actually Wash Their Food? (And Your Phone?)

Raccoons are famous for carrying things around with their tiny human-like hands and you’ve probably seen videos of them dunking different things into water. There are even a few popular clips of raccoons giving smartphones a quick wash! In other languages, the raccoon is actually named after this washing-behavior, like in Danish where it’s called … Read more

The Raccoon’s Social Behavior and Intelligence

Few animals are more recognizable than the raccoon and a lot of their behavior seems almost human-like, but how sociable are raccoons, and are they intelligent animals? The understanding of raccoons’ social behavior and intelligence has actually changed quite a lot over the years as more has been learned about these fascinating little bandits. This … Read more

Are Raccoons Smelly? (Here’s What You Should Worry About)

Raccoons, also affectionately called “trash pandas,” are native to North America. They are famous for their bandit-like markings around their eyes. They also like to creep into campgrounds and areas with dumpsters to try and sneak food refuge from humans. This behavior is how they got their nickname “trash pandas.” Raccoons have also snuck into … Read more

Raccoons and Their Sense Of Smell

Raccoons have an enduring reputation as bandits that will dig through your trash cans or let themselves into your house to find food, but how they know it’s there in the first place isn’t always fully appreciated. While it’s true that they can visually observe and learn, their noses are much greater tools for sniffing … Read more

Raccoon Ears and Hearing (Do Raccoons Hear Well?)

Raccoons are often associated with nocturnal activities and sneaky acts, and a large element of this is enabled by their superior hearing. Raccoons’ sense of hearing is formed by their unique niche as predators and prey and works both for and against them in the modern human-settled worlds they inhabit. In the rest of the … Read more

Where Can I Buy or Adop a Pet Raccoon?

Pet raccoons are only available for purchase in fourteen states. If you want to buy a raccoon, the best option is to find a reliable exotic pet store or breeder in your state. However, many states also allow you to capture raccoons to keep them as pets. It is important in these states that you … Read more

Raccoons and Running (Your Questions Answered)

Raccoons are peculiar little critters. They look like masked bandits waiting to steal, thieve or rob whatever they can get their hands on. But, the truth of the matter is they’re just inquisitive critters who are smart, adaptable, and quick when they need to be. Believe it or not, raccoons are rather fast for their … Read more