Red Foxes And Their Sense Of Smell (Explained)

The red fox is known as a sleek animal, with its sweet face and long nose. That long nose does more than allow the red fox to dig; it also contributes to the fox’s ability to smell its surroundings.  Being that the red fox is similar in appearance to a dog, many wonder how similar … Read more

How To Attract Red Foxes (But Maybe You Shouldn’t)

Foxes tend to get a bad reputation, but they’re mostly harmless and very angelic creatures. It is not their mythical cunningness that has allowed them to live beside humans, but rather their ability to adapt to changing conditions. This means that now you can sight foxes whether you’re in the peaceful countryside or the bustling … Read more

How To Repel Red Foxes From Your Property

Although they are wild animals, foxes live amongst us; in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. They are skilled and cunning predators. There are many ways that you can repel foxes to keep your property and animals safe, including chemical deterrents, electronic devices, fencing, and guard animals. This article lists all the ways in which you … Read more

Red Fox Diseases (10 of The Most Common)

Red foxes are a sight to behold with their mix of reddish-orange fur. They can be found in many different regions, such as North America, Asia, and Europe. While these foxes are adorable, it’s never recommended to try and approach one.  Unfortunately, red foxes are not immune to various diseases and parasites that run rampant … Read more

Are Red Foxes Dangerous? (To You, Your Pets, Your Livestock)

Even though the red fox is a predator, it is not very dangerous. Healthy red foxes pose virtually no threat to humans and larger animals, such as dogs or cows. They are only known to approach humans if they are frequently hand-fed or rabid. Red foxes will approach smaller animals as prey, but there are … Read more

Where to Get, Buy or Adopt a Pet Fox (And What To Consider)

Getting a fox as a pet can be tricky since they are categorized as exotic animals and hence challenging to come by. You can buy or adopt a fox from breeders, rescues, and pet stores in select locations. In the United States, you can find breeders that may ship to your location. There are also … Read more

Red Fox Species: Origin, Animal Type, Adaptations, and More!

The red fox, better known as the common fox, is found all around the globe. With the exception of human beings, red foxes have the largest natural distribution of any mammal. You can find them in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and even Australia due to their cunning abilities and hunting skills. Interestingly, red foxes … Read more

Red Foxes VS Coyotes (Differences and Similarities)

Red foxes and coyotes share many similar characteristics but they are also very different in many ways. They are both members of the canine family and have similar diets, but they have different appearances, mannerisms, and behaviors. The discussion here focuses on red foxes, but it includes all foxes. However, it’s important to note the … Read more

What Do Red Foxes Symbolize? (Different Cultures, Dreams, Sayings)

The cunning fox appears in myths from around the world in all his fascinating and beautiful forms. Foxes have existed in symbolism and folklore for as long as people and foxes have co-existed. They are widely represented as symbols of beauty, intelligence, and independence. However, they also carry connotations of sneakiness, mischief, and evil. Why … Read more