Sounds that Sea Otters Make and What They Mean

Sea otters are very social creatures, living in same-sex groups on ocean coastlines between California and Alaska. They’re amazing too and have innovative ways to communicate with each other. While not extremely vocal, they do produce sounds to express particular emotions, instructions or to have fun. These sounds can include things like hissing, cooing, grunting, … Read more

Where Do Sea Otters Live? (States & Countries)

Sea otters live in the shallow coastal waters of the oceans, preferring locations with thick kelp forests. Today they are found in three primary locations: near the coast of Alaska, near the coast of California, and off the coast of Russia. This article looks at the lives, habitats, and status of sea otters. Where Can … Read more

Are Sea Otters Dangerous? (To People and Pets)

Sea otters, as their name suggests, are sea-dwelling members of the Mustelidae family. Most of the time, these animals are perfectly harmless to both people and their pets. However, they do possess strong teeth and a powerful set of jaws that can give a formidable bite. If you are lucky enough to spot a Sea … Read more