Do Beavers Have Whiskers? Everything You Need to Know About Beavers

When people see a beaver, whether it is living in the wild or the zoo, they tend to develop a lot of questions. For example, one of the major questions asked by children who are animal lovers is, “Do beavers have whiskers?”

Of course, the answer is yes. Beavers are rodents, and all rodents have whiskers because they help to detect objects located on or around the beaver’s head. These whiskers assist them in getting through small, narrow spaces safely and to navigate dark water.

Besides Whiskers, Beavers are Well-Equipped for Their Environment 

Beavers have a lot of very important features that help them survive and thrive in their surroundings, including a third eyelid, which helps them see underwater. A beaver’s big, long orange incisors let them gnaw wood for many uses, including building dams and lodges to keep them alive, safe, and warm during those long, cold forest winters.

Beavers have a lot of things in their make-up that makes it possible to adapt their forest environment to whatever they need, but the benefits they make trickle down to other forest creatures. Their webbed feet, for example, make them natural swimmers and helps them maneuver through their favorite pond, as well as the streams and creeks around them.

Making the Forest Better All Year Long

The beaver’s tail and teeth make it possible to eat the wood that keeps them alive and to build the dams they are famous for. Those dams cause streams and creeks to run over the forest and cause new waterways and wetlands to form.

Beavers also create habitats for other animals, like frogs and turtles, and the lodges they build for themselves through their hard work ultimately become a habitat for other animals, like muskrats.

Beavers routinely navigate between water- and land-based environments, pretty much at will. That is due to their tiny, dexterous front feet. They are able to grasp sticks with their front paws, which means they are able to manipulate materials for building. 

They are also always grooming themselves, with their hind feet, which, besides being webbed, also have a toe that is specially made for that. They use that toe as a comb, to keep their fur from matting, which maintains their waterproofing and keeps their fur free of burrs and parasites.

There are many reasons to admire the beaver, for many more reasons than the fact that they have whiskers.

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