Do Groundhogs Drink Water?

A groundhog is a large rodent that burrows into the ground and hibernates inside that burrow.

In North America, we credit groundhogs with telling us when Spring will start. 

Legend says that if a groundhog sees its shadow in the early spring, spring will persist for six more weeks. If the groundhog comes out of its burrow and doesn’t see a shadow, spring will come early.

Groundhogs are very neat little animals. An interesting fact about groundhogs is that they do not seem to drink water! 

Do Groundhogs Drink Water?

The short answer is no, groundhogs do not drink water. 

A groundhog will not drink from a pond, a lake, or a water bottle! Groundhogs get their water by eating plants or grasses that are covered in dew or rainwater.

Groundhogs eat a variety of plants, so the water in and on these plants will help to keep them hydrated.

Can Groundhogs Survive Without Water?

Groundhogs can certainly survive without drinking water, in the typical sense.

You have to make sure to stay hydrated by drinking about 8 cups of water a day. You might drink from a cup or a bottle, but you have to make an effort to drink your water.

Groundhogs can survive without drinking water that might come from a lake or pond, but they can’t survive without water altogether. This is why they eat plants that are covered in dew or rainwater. This is how they stay hydrated and get their water without actually drinking!

What do groundhogs eat?

Groundhogs are mostly herbivores, and they eat a variety of plants.

They will eat many plants, including plants from people’s gardens. If you notice that there are bites taken out of your beautiful hostas or your treasured mums, it may be the work of a groundhog!

Aside from plants, groundhogs may also eat grubs, snails, and other insects. There have been reports of groundhogs eating small baby birds, but this is really not common. 

Final Thoughts

You may think that it sounds crazy that groundhogs do not need to drink water.

It would be difficult, or most likely impossible, for humans to get all the water they need just from eating plants covered in dew or rainwater.

Groundhogs are really interesting animals. They can get their water without actually drinking water, they build burrows and they know how to prepare themselves for the long winter by fattening themselves up and hibernating!