Where To Buy A Hedgehog? (All US States)

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Published on October 3, 2021
Last Updated on October 26, 2023

Hedgehogs are exotic animals available in every state, excluding California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

When it comes to purchasing hedgehogs, the most common place people buy hedgehogs is from pet stores. However, purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store can be a major mistake because of the lack of socialization that they give their hoglets.

The best place to purchase your hoglet from is a small-scale USDA-certified breeder. Small-scale breeders take time daily to socialize your hoglet, so they accept human socialization as adults. A social hedgehog will be more accepting of your interactions and generally happier overall!

Different Ways Of Getting Your Hands On A Hedgehog

Adopting or purchasing are the two most common ways to get your hands on a hedgehog. Most hedgehog owners consider hedgehog breeders to be the most reliable source for adopting hedgehogs. 

In some states like California and Georgia, hedgehogs are considered illegal. Before purchasing a hedgehog, investigate the legality of owning one in your state. The repercussions for harboring an exotic pet can be as small as a fine or as large as imprisonment.

The consequences for owning exotic pets vary from state to state. Avoid owning exotic pets in illegal states to face legal consequences.

Pet Stores and Retailers

The most common place people get their hedgehogs from are retailers like Petco or Pet Smart. Pet stores are not the most reliable places to purchase hedgehogs because these stores do not provide hedgehogs with proper care. 

Hedgehogs do not require excessive socialization. However, to become a friendly pet, they require daily stimulation from their owner. If pet store owners deprive hedgies of socialization, they may eventually become aggressive or resentful toward humans.

Pet stores often fail at providing comfortable environments for hedgies which can stress these tiny mammals out. These special environments include quiet living quarters and darkness during the day. Retail pet stores do not provide hedgie’s this ideal environment which makes them agitated.

USDA-Certified Hedgehog Breeders

A breeder with a USDA license is guaranteed to provide hedgehogs with adequate breeding facilities. Exotic animal breeders produce hedgehogs humanely. Unlike retailers, USDA licenses require breeders to provide a healthy and social environment for your hedgehog.

To obtain a USDA license, a breeder must undergo inspection. The requirements are strict, and if they do not pass, they are at risk of being reported to the police for animal neglect. While the USDA requirements might seem strict, they get enforced for the safety of the animals.

Hedgehog Adoption

Adopting hedgehogs is the most humane way to bring this spiky mammal into your household. Adoption is usually the transportation of a hedgehog from one home to another. In some cases, adoptions can be risky if their previous owner is abusive or irresponsible. When adopting your hedgie, be patient.

Animal Fares and Shows

Some animal shows feature exotic animals for sale for low prices. Most of the animals at these shows are malnourished and treated inhumanely. Even at the show itself, sellers mistreat the exotic animals at the flea markets, and animal shows are mistreated.

The Importance of a USDA License

USDA licensing ensures that your breeder provided your hedgie with a stable environment when they were raising them. Inspectors are the only ones who can issue USDA licenses to a breeder. Breeders will only receive their license if they meet condition requirements. 

There are three kinds of USDA licenses: A, B, and C. When purchasing a hedgehog from a breeder, guarantee they have a Class A license. Breeders with a Class A license are allowed to breed exotic animals and sell them as pets.

Is Buying Hedgehogs Online a Good Idea?

Buying hedgehogs online is never a good idea. The transportation process is inhumane because of the excessive movement and loud noise.

Far transportations are especially stressful to your hedgie. Purchase your hedgie from a local breeder, and this helps avoid this traumatizing experience. 

Several other reasons make buying hedgehogs online a bad idea. Online vendors are not always reliable suppliers. They may list false USDA licenses online and lie about the conditions of their hedgehog’s cages.

A Comprehensive List Of Breeders In The US, Canada, UK, and Australia

There are reliable USDA-certified breeders almost everywhere. Finding a breeder in your area who is USA-licensed is important when adopting a healthy hedgie. 


  • Tranquill Hedgies provides a wonderful selection of hedgehogs that are currently available. They also allow people to purchase pre-set-up cages. These spacious cages have everything inside to get your hedgehog started, including resources and hideaways. If you are uninterested in the current selection, you may contact Tranquill Hedgies to join a waiting list. 


  • Hedge of Alaska is a small-town breeder in Fairbanks, Alaska. This breeder is the only USDA-licensed breeder in Alaska. They are also one of the top information providers on hedgehogs in Alaska and on the internet in general.  Hedge of Alaska provides many special tips on hedgehogs, including how to care for hedgehogs. The caring guides and care kits are what complete the hedgehog adoptions from Alaska’s Hedge of Alaska.


  • AZ Hedgies is a reliable Phoenix, Arizona African Pygmy breeder. The goal of AZ Hedgies is to raise the healthiest hedgehogs possible. The hedgehogs bred at AZ hedgies are healthy, social, and loving. They offer a money-back guarantee (although it is unlikely you will be unhappy with these loving hedgies!).
  • Ashley’s Animals from Tucson, Arizona. 


  • Pokey Moms is a hoglet breeder from Flippin, Arkansas, who raises Pygmy hedgehogs. There is a wide range of color variations when it comes to the hedgehogs available at Pokey Moms. Pokey Moms sells hedgehogs as babies and adults with the main goal of raising happy and healthy hedgehogs.
  • Arkansas Exotics, located in Arkansas.


It is illegal to own a hedgehog in California. 




  • Hog Heaven Hedgehogs is the best place to buy hedgehogs in Delaware. The hedgehogs at Hog Heaven are colorful and friendly. Each hedgehog is given a healthy diet and plenty of cuddle time each day by their caretakers. Hog Heaven sells wholesale supplies so you can stay stocked up on items.


  • Hurricane Hedgehogs is a Florida-founded breeder that has been guaranteed top-quality since 2004. The African Pygmy Hedgehogs born at Hurricane Hedgehogs are loving, social, and raised humanely. 


It is illegal to own a hedgehog in Georgia.


It is illegal to own a hedgehog in Hawaii.



  • Morning Star Hedgehogs is a small hedgehog adoption service that helps pair prospective hedgie parents with their future hedgehogs! Morning Star knows how difficult it can be to take care of hedgies. That is why in addition to adopting out hedgehogs, Morning Star also offers additional services to make life easier for new owners. These additional services include nail trimmings, baths, and boarding services. 


  • CC’s Exotic Pets located in Noblesville, Indiana, sells hedgehogs for an affordable rate. After being socialized each day as hoglets, these hedgies are the most playful and sweet hedgehogs you can ever imagine!
  • Northern Indiana Hedgehogs & Exotics located in Middlebury, Indiana




  • Happy-Heart Hedgies pet adoption center, located in Kentucky
  • Sugar and Spice Hedgies, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky



There are currently no breeders listed presently in Maine. 


  • Terrapin Hedgehogs, located in Harford County, Maryland
  • Stellar Hedgies, located in Pasadena, Maryland




  • Ostego Exotic Pets is your one-stop-shop for everything hedgehog-related. From adoption to bedding, Ostego has it all! 
  • Happy Hedgehogs, located in Foley, Minnesota. 


There are currently no hedgehog breeders listed in Mississippi.




  • Located in Fremont, Nebraska, Hands Hedgehogs is the longest USDA-licensed breeder in Nebraska. They produce an array of beautiful hedgehogs and are open to accepting surrendered pets too. 


  • Reno Hedgehogs is a breeder located in Reno, Nevada. They always list pictures of available hedgies and information on the next litter’s due date. Reno Hedgehogs lets people make deposits to reserve a hedgehog from upcoming litters.
  • Feathers and Spikes dba FASHogs in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Pet Kingdom in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Nevada Humane Society located in Reno, Nevada

New Hampshire

  • Harmor Hollow Hedgehogs is a small rescue and breeder which has been open since 2003. You can find this little rescue located in central New England in Pelham. Adopting a hedgehog through Harmor Hollow is a three-step process, starting with a questionnaire and ending with reserving your hedgie for pick-up! Check out their social media to watch Chippoke the traveling hedgehog, go on various adventures.
  • Granite State Hedgehogs located in Pelham, New Hampshire

New Jersey

A special permit may be required to own a hedgehog in New Jersey. 

  • Hog Wild Hedgehogs is a hedgehog breeder from New Jersey. Hog Wild is known for breeding social hedgehogs, some of which have become parts of major museums. As the only USDA-licensed breeder in New Jersey, Hog Wild Hedgehogs takes a special place in the community. 
  • NJ Exotic Pets in Londi, New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

There are several restrictions on hedgehogs in New York, so you may be required to get a special permit to own a hedgehog in New York. The restrictions make possessing hedgehogs difficult for breeders, sellers, and owners.

  • Hogheaven Hedgehogs in Niagra Falls, New York

North Carolina

North Dakota

There are currently no active North Dakota hedgehog breeders.



  • Gunner’s Quills, located in Owasso, Oklahoma
  • Atlantis Hedgehogs located in Stillwater, Oklahoma


  • Rose City Hedgehogs is an Oregon hedgehog breeder that produces a large variety of colorful African Pygmy hedgehogs. They offer many recommendations on hedgehog care for beginners, including articles and videos. Unlike many pet stores and mass breeders, this small-town Oregon breeder cares about the livelihood of its hoglets.


It is illegal to own a hedgehog in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

  • The Alternative Hedgehog truly is “Where Best Friends are born.” This ethical breeder is a small, federally licensed breeder passionate about raising family, not pets. The Alternative Hedgehog raises every hedgehog humanely and practices careful breeding procedures.

South Carolina

South Dakota



  • Quillow Hedgehogs located in McKinney, Texas. Quillow Hedgehogs raises well-mannered hedgehogs known for their excellent health and appearances. The caretakers at Quillow take the time each day to cuddle, socialize, and spend time with your future family member, so they grow accustomed to human touch.
  • Texas Hedgehogs and Exotics in Iowa Park, Texas
  • Janda Exotics Animal Ranch located in Kingsbury, Texas
  • Zookeeper Exotics adoption center located in Austin, Texas
  • Potenza Exotics hedgehog breeder located in Arlington, Texas



  • Prickly Potato Hedgehogs, located in Northeastern, Vermont is a pedigree-tracking hedgehog breeder. Prickly Potato has been open since 2010, recognized as a reliable and trusted breeder ever since. 


  • Penny’s Prickly Pigs located in Charlottesville. Penny’s is a local hedgehog breeder and adoption center that has been breeding hedgehogs since 2008. Every hedgehog at Penny’s gets proper socialization, so they are as loving as possible!


  • Briar Patch Hedgehogs is an esteemed hedgehog breeder located in Washington. This breeder is a humane breeder who raises hedgehogs as if they are family members of their own. The familial bond these breeders share with their hedgies creates enhanced social behaviors. Briar Patch guarantees daily handling of their hoglets by caretakers. Being handled daily ensures that they will be social and loving to their human companions. 

Washington DC

  • Riddles Hedgehogs is a hedgehog breeder from Washington, DC. The African Pygmy Hedgehogs from Riddles are fed healthy diets, treated humanely, and given plenty of love each day! Riddles Hedgehogs lists information regarding each hedgehog’s appearance, size, and even temperament under their adoption information online.

West Virginia

  • Heartfelt Hedgehogs, located in Ashby, West Virginia, is a hedgehog breeder who strives for quality, not quantity. In addition to being a breeder, Heartfelt also acts as a rescue shelter to surrendered or abandoned hedgehogs. This rescue center rarely has rescues available. However, the program gives people the opportunity to surrender their hedgie if they cannot care for them!


Owning and breeding hedgehogs in Wisconsin require special permits. There are only a few hedgehog breeders in Wisconsin. 

  • Hedgehog Cove is a family-owned exotic pet breeder. Unfortunately, they do not have a website where you can view available hedgies. Interested customers can visit this pet store in person at their Eleva, Wisconsin location. You may also call ahead and inquire about available hoglets.
  • Prairieland Hedgehogs pet adoption located in Arena, Wisconsin
  • Peeps n Paws, located in Racine, Wisconsin


  • Hedgehogs of the Hills in Homa Hills, Wyoming is a local hedgehog breeder with over five years of breeding experience. This small-scale breeder is passionate about breeding, with USDA licensure and hedgehogs with guaranteed healthy lineage. Hedgehogs of the Hills post pictures on their Facebook page avidly of their babies for hedgehog lovers and interested customers.


  • Happy Hedgehogs Ontario is a delightful, USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder from Ontario, Canada. This small adopting center has made the adoption process as easy as possible since 2016, with a large selection of colorful and friendly hedgehogs. Because of high demands, Happy Hedgehogs does not allow for waiting lists. Applications are taken during the adoption process after babies are born.


  • Simply Exotic Hedgehogs is a responsible breeder with a passion for safe breeding practices. At Simply Exotic, they abide by a strict code of ethics. Their strict code of ethics guarantees that all hedgehogs purchased through Simply Exotic are up to the highest standard. 


Hedgehogs are illegal in Australia. They are considered an invasive species, and importing them into the country is considered illegal. Introducing any exotic animal into a new environment can cause a severe backfire, disrupting the ecosystem forever.


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