The Most Stereotypical Owners of 35 Exotic Pets

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Published on May 26, 2023
Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Buckle up for a wild ride as we dive into the wonderfully weird world of exotic pets! I’ve used Midjourney, an AI tool, to generate these portraits of the most stereotypical exotic pet owners from simple text prompts, and some of the results are both hilarious and surprisingly accurate!

This list is a delightful blend of imagination and AI-generated art, from the glitz and glamour of socialites snuggling up to their slithery pythons to the downright eccentric individuals surrounded by their curious companions.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the portraits!

Fennec Fox

Stereotypical pet owner of fennec fox

I think the AI got the hat crochet hat right on this one!


Stereotypical pet owner of hedgehog

In most images I generated, hedgehog owners have bleached hair. Is that a general rule?

Sugar Glider

Stereotypical pet owner of sugar glider

This sugar glider owner has some strange tattoos!


Stereotypical pet owner of skunk

The animal doesn’t look entirely like a skunk, but I can imagine a stereotypical skunk owner having this look!


Stereotypical pet owner of capybara

I love this image, but it seems like the AI has a limited frame of reference to work from when it comes to capybara pet owners!


Stereotypical pet owner of wallaby

I got a lot of different results for wallaby pet owners, but I imagine that the worried and sort of tired look in this pet owner’s eyes is quite reasonable if you have a wallaby as a pet!


Stereotypical pet owner of chinchilla

This chinchilla owner has some edge!


Stereotypical pet owner of tarantula

Spiders and insects are extremely difficult for the AI to handle, so it took a long time to get a result that looked remotely right even if it doesn’t look a lot like a tarantula. I could imagine a tarantula owner looking like this, though.


Stereotypical pet owner of ferret

If you own a ferret, you’re probably used to having a lot going on, and the cozy lighting and comfy clothing seem to correspond quite well to the ferret owners I know!


Stereotypical pet owner of axolotl

Ok, let me start by saying: The AI clearly doesn’t know what an axolotl looks like and how big it is. It took a long time to even get it to generate one that wasn’t outside of the water! I could imagine an axolotl owner looking like this!


Stereotypical pet owner of kinkajou

That’s one happy kinkajou owner! And she’s even got two!

Savannah Cat

Stereotypical pet owner of savannah cat

Savannah cats are extremely expensive and elegant animals and I think that the look of this owner reflects that pretty well!

Miniature Pig

Stereotypical pet owner of miniature pig

I’ve got to say that this is probably my favorite image of them all! The miniature pig owner, her style and clothing, and her pet just work so well together!


Stereotypical pet owner of serval

Just like the Savannah cat, servals are very expensive and exclusive. The difference between the two is, however, that the Serval is mostly a wild African feline, so I don’t think that an owner would keep her animal as an indoor pet like this. But who knows!

Slow Loris

Stereotypical pet owner of slow loris

One slow loris is never enough. Maybe this pet owner just needs one more to be happy?


Stereotypical pet owner of parrotlet

Wow, your parrotlet looks like a toy!

Emperor Scorpion

Stereotypical pet owner of emperor scorpion

This AI cannot generate scorpions, and believe me, I have tried! I do think that this image reflects a mysterious, dark energy that I’d imagine a stereotypical scorpion owner to emit. Maybe a bit much?

Flying Squirrel

Stereotypical pet owner of flying squirrel

You can’t blame her fur smiling! She’s got two extremely huge flying squirrels (who probably don’t fly very well) and, apparently, even more squirrel spare parts lying on the shelve!


Stereotypical pet owner of coati

I think that the AI understood that coatis, even as pets, need to be roaming free!

Bearded Dragon

Stereotypical pet owner of fbearded dragon

A proud owner of a bearded dragon!

Ball Python

Stereotypical pet owner of ball python

I also always imagined ball python owners to resemble some kind of James Bond villains, and this one seems quite fitting!

Crested Gecko

Stereotypical pet owner of crested gecko

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get the AI to make me a crested gecko without those pointy ears. Seriously, where does it get it from?

I can imagine that they’d easily get in your hair, though.

African Grey Parrot

Stereotypical pet owner of African grey parrot

This really looks like a photo. She looks like a real animal lover who’s totally into her African Grey Parrot!

Marmoset Monkey

Stereotypical pet owner of marmoset monkey

Somehow, the AI couldn’t get the size right of the marmoset monkey. This is one of the smaller versions, but they’re much smaller in reality.
The owner looks tired, and I think that’s realistic if you need to look out for one of these critters!


Stereotypical pet owner of tortoise

A beautiful day to pose with your tortoise in the rose bed!

Blue Tongue Skink

Stereotypical pet owner of blue tongue skink

Yes, of course, what’s more cuddly than a blue-tongued skink?

Green Tree Frog

Stereotypical pet owner of green tree frog

Yeah, if I owned a green tree frog, I’d dress to match its beautiful colors too!

Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Stereotypical pet owner of red-eared slider turtle

While the turtle isn’t quite right, I think that the setting and the look of the owner fit really well. This scene actually looks a lot more like a zoologist or a nature enthusiast picking up a couple of turtles in the wild just to examine them and then leave them be.

Reticulated Python

Stereotypical pet owner of reticulated python

This one was really difficult to generate properly! Just like with the ball python, this snake owner seems classy and bond-villain like, which is probably fitting!

Caiman Lizard

Stereotypical pet owner of caiman lizard

Here’s one jungle explorer who’s really happy to show you a new species of caiman lizard she’s discovered!

Green Anaconda

Stereotypical pet owner of green anaconda

This owner of a green anaconda looks like a real wildlife expert, but I’d still be worried if I were in her place. That thing is huge!

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Stereotypical pet owner of ring-tailed lemur

Who knew that ring-tailed lemurs were this cuddly?

Bengal Cat

Stereotypical pet owner of bengal cat

Bengal cats are both expensive and very royal-looking, so it’s only fitting that the owner should dress the part! This Bengal owner looks like royalty herself!


Stereotypical pet owner of rat

This girl seems like a really cool person. And she’s so attentive to her bald, oversized rat!


Stereotypical pet owner of raccoon

If I had a pet raccoon, I’d bring it everywhere, too!


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