Are Pocket Gophers Pests? How Do I Repel Them From My Yard and Property?

Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents that play an important role in our ecosystem. By burrowing through the ground, they help aerate the soil and increase soil fertility. However, some people may think gophers are pests because they mess up their gardens and farms. Gophers are not truly pests because they are beneficial to the soil. … Read more

Wildlife In Colorado (A List Of The Most Prolific Animals In Colorado)

Colorado is well noted for its variety of landscapes, which include desert lands, rivers, plateaus, canyons, mesas, high plains, forests, and mountains! As such, you can expect each of these places to be full of animals. Colorado is home to a variety of animals like bison, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, foxes, golden eagles, and much … Read more