Hedgehogs And Their Eyesight (All Your Questions Answered)

Ever wondered what the world looks like through a hedgehog’s eyes? These cuddly little critters have become internet celebrities recently, but few people know the ins and outs of hedgehog life. As your local hedgehog experts, we’re here to answer your burning questions about how your hedgie sees the world.  The Basics Are Hedgehogs Blind?  … Read more

How Big Are Hedgehogs And How Much Do They Weigh? (All Your Questions Answered)

Hedgehogs are a spiny mammal from the Erinaceinae subfamily of the Eulipotyphlan family. There are seventeen different species of hedgehogs that are found in natural habitats in Asia, Africa, and Europe. By introduction, you can find hedgehogs in New Zealand, Australia, and the Americas. There are several different types of hedgehogs, and their sizes vary from 4-12 inches in … Read more

Hedgehog Tails (Do They Have Them? What Are They For?)

Hedgehogs are cute, little things that some people consider pests whereas others keep them as household pets. If you’ve ever seen one in action, they roll around, move quickly, and are easy to spook. When freaked, they’ll curl up into a little ball and act dead. They do this to protect sensitive areas on their … Read more