Where Can I Buy or Adopt a Pet Raccoon?

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Published on April 3, 2022
Last Updated on February 17, 2024

Pet raccoons are only available for purchase in fourteen states. If you want to buy a raccoon, the best option is to find a reliable exotic pet store or breeder in your state. However, many states also allow you to capture raccoons to keep them as pets.

It is important in these states that you obtain the correct paperwork and gets your raccoon the right medical treatment.

Before adopting a raccoon, you should check with your local and state laws to guarantee it is legal to own a raccoon in your state. It is not legal to own a pet raccoon in every state, so you should be careful before capturing a raccoon or purchasing one from out of state.

If you want to buy a raccoon, go through a reliable breeder who can guarantee they are healthy and social. There are other options for obtaining a raccoon. However, the plenty of other places where you may obtain raccoons can be harmful compared to reliable breeders.

Additionally, you may need to apply for paperwork, such as an exotic wildlife handler’s permit, before buying your pet raccoon. Adopting or purchasing a new raccoon can be costly.

These permits are generally below $50. However, the lifelong expenses of owning raccoons are very costly. Measure these lifelong expenses and confirm they are possible before you try investing in a raccoon.  

Where Can I Get A Raccoon?

It would help if you got your raccoon from a certified raccoon breeder in a legal state to guarantee legal ownership. Certified raccoon breeders are the best place to get a raccoon because they produce high-quality, compassionate animals.

You may also get raccoons by capturing them or purchasing them from wild game pet stores or rehabilitation centers.

Get A Raccoon From A Certified Breeder

The best place to buy a raccoon is from a certified raccoon breeder in a legal state. Florida has some of the most raccoon breeders in the United States. Florida is also populated with many exotic vets, making it one of the best places to get and own raccoons.

Raccoons from reliable breeders will be healthy and disease-free. They constantly monitor their health to guarantee they are in their best condition before adoption or purchase. Most breeders will treat any medical illnesses and disclose these illnesses before adoption, something that capturing or illegal importation cannot guarantee.

Something important about reliable breeders is how they raise your raccoon. They treat your future pet humanely and socialize them accordingly. With daily socializing, your raccoon breeder ensures your pet raccoon can successfully socially interact with humans, like cuddling or picking up skills through interaction.

Can I Capture a Wild Raccoon as A Pet? 

It is illegal to capture raccoons in most states. Capturing a raccoon from the wild involves setting a trap and waiting for the raccoon to enter.

It’s also debatable whether or not it’s humane to trap a wild raccoon to keep as a pet. A wild raccoon will be used to roam free and have its liberty. Capturing one to keep in a cage or in your home can be cruel.

It’s also quite difficult to tame a wild raccoon, and there’s a definite risk that it will never adapt and get used to being your pet.

If you do decide to capture a wild raccoon, however, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Wild raccoons are far more likely to have medical problems like rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. You or your pet may inherit these contagious illnesses if you are not careful. These medical conditions are not always visible.

So, do not assume your pet raccoon is not sick just because they do not show symptoms.

Can I Get a Raccoon In A Pet Store?

Purchasing raccoons from a pet store can be bad because the pet may not be as social as a raccoon breeder. Raccoons from pet stores may inherit public infections. They are more likely to infect your pets with disease because they are already unhealthy.

Can I Get A Raccoon From A Rehabilitation Center?

Adopting a pet raccoon from rehabilitation centers is a great way to bring a raccoon into your household. Adopting from a rehabilitation center can be a good option if you are okay with treating an ailment at the beginning of your adoption.

Wild raccoons typically get more attention from rehabilitators, but that does not mean they won’t be timid when you adopt them. Some centers do not give them extra attention to socialize them like a professional exotic pet breeder.

Can I Buy A Raccoon As A Pet?

It is legal in 16 states to purchase a raccoon, but you can only keep them legally as pets in 14 states. Check your state and local laws before purchasing a pet raccoon. 

It is only legal to own a pet raccoon in 14 states. Since owning a raccoon is not legal in every state, it is best to check your state and local laws to guarantee you are not breaking any laws. 

You can get a pet raccoon from the following states: 

  • Arkansas
  • Deleware
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

In most states, owning a raccoon is considered exotic wildlife, requiring a permit or certification for legal ownership.

Very few states will allow you to own a raccoon without some form of documentation. Most states require specific documentation for the state and county. You must purchase all permits and certifications necessary for owning a raccoon in a legal state.

How Do You Purchase a Raccoon in A Legal State?

Permits are relatively easy to obtain if your raccoon is healthy. Take them to the veterinarian to get a full examination. In most cases, your raccoon will need a full wellness exam and all shots to make them safe in a domestic household.

If you caught the raccoon from the wild, disclose that to the veterinarian immediately. It can impact the handling procedures of the raccoon.

After getting an exotic veterinarian’s approval, you can receive a certificate of good health. It will put you one step towards legally owning your pet raccoon.

Can I Bring In A Raccoon From The Wild?

Never take a raccoon straight from the wild, or you risk inheriting their diseases. In addition to being dangerous because of the diseases, it is highly illegal in most states to take raccoons from the wild.

You can be fined thousands of dollars or even face prison time for capturing this exotic animal.

It is also much more difficult to tame a raccoon from the wild. Most raccoons that live in the wild have never had a positive interaction with humans. Therefore it won’t be easy to form a good connection with your raccoon.

How Much Do Pet Raccoons Cost?

The price of raccoons can vary depending on where you buy your pet raccoon. Generally, a raccoon bought from a breeder or a pet store sells for between $150 and $300.

Where Can I Get A Pet Raccoon?

Exotic pet stores, breeders, and online services are the most common ways to get pet raccoons. You can get a pet raccoon by adopting, trapping, or purchasing the raccoon.

The most reliable way to obtain a raccoon is by purchasing a raccoon from a certified breeder because you can guarantee they are healthy and social.

Not all exotic pet stores will have raccoons at all times. If you are interested in purchasing a raccoon, you should contact the center in advance. Ask them questions about getting a raccoon from their pet store.


You can trap, purchase, and adopt pet raccoons in Arkansas, making Arkansas one of the more lenient states for keeping wild game. However, there are several exceptions to keeping wild game.

There are plenty of exotic pet stores in Arkansas. However, you should consider the many options if you want to get a raccoon, like trapping.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission allows you to take animals from the wild and make them pets, including raccoons. You may keep up to six raccoons in your household at one time.

It is illegal to breed raccoons in Arkansas. If you want to keep raccoons as pets, you must keep all males and females separately to prevent reproduction. It would help if you also neutered your raccoon before adopting them.

You may only keep up to six raccoons in captivity if you capture them yourself from the wild. Raccoons cannot be sold or bred after being captured. You can purchase raccoons from an exotic pet store, although they are not always in stock.


There are no legal raccoon breeders in Deleware. That means you must purchase a raccoon from an exotic pet store if you want one.

It can cost around $500 or more to adopt a raccoon in Deleware. There are strict laws around raccoon ownership, including permit holding and approved enclosures.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Pet Kare II in Newark, DE (302) 733-0740
  • Farmer Girl Exotic Gardens in Rehoboth Beach, DE (302) 645-8398


Raccoons are readily available in Florida from many wildlife rescue centers and breeders.

You may purchase or adopt raccoons from the following places:

  • BTN Wildlife Raccoon Rehab in Orlando, FL
  • Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Sanibel, FL (239) 472-3644
  • Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge in Orange County, FL (407) 568-5138
  • Florida Wildlife Hospital in Melbourne, FL (321) 254-8843
  • Panhandle Exotics in Pensacola, FL (850) 542-4410
  • World Exotics in Naples, FL (239) 774-5031


Indiana is lenient with its wild animal laws, allowing anyone with a permit to possess a wild animal.

To own a raccoon in Indiana, you must purchase a wild animal possession permit. Under Indiana state laws, these permits allow you to keep any exotic animal as a pet, including raccoons. A wild animal possession permit costs $10. You may purchase a permit from any government entity.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • CC’s Exotic Pets in Aurora, IN (812) 577-5532
  • Jayden’s Jungle Exotic Pet Store in Noblesville, IN (317) 447-9867
  • Exotic Aquatics and Pets in Kendallville, IN (260) 343-0300
  • Cowan’s Exotics in Greensburg, IN (812) 560 -7582
  • Lost River Exotics in Orleans, IN (812) 865-3021


Michigan has an abundance of places to purchase raccoons, including exotic pet stores, breeders, and rehabilitation centers.

In Michigan, you may also obtain a permit to capture wild raccoons and keep them as pets. These permits are between $20 and $50, depending on whether it is an original or renewal. According to Michigan law, this permit allows you to capture raccoons on your property and keep them as a pet.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Even Keel Exotics in Temperance, MI (734) 807-1283
  • Stingers Exotics in Livonia, MI (248) 919-0056
  • Custom Creatures Pet Shop in Saginaw, MI (989) 355-1201
  • House of Pets, Inc. in Garden City, MI (734) 421-5500


You can get raccoons in Nebraska from Exotic pet stores or by trapping them. All exotic pet owners must obtain a permit before owning them. These permits are only $20, making them relatively cheap to obtain. Still, several state regulations increase the expenses of exotic wildlife ownership.

There are not many exotic pet veterinarians in Nebraska, making it difficult to find healthcare for your pet raccoon when they have an emergency. Before adopting a raccoon in Nebraska, you should evaluate whether you are close enough to an exotic vet to get treatment when necessary. Otherwise, you put your pet in danger.

By not giving your pet medical care, you are breaking state regulations that require you to provide your raccoon with proper medical care.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Elijah’s Pet Store (402) 806-7679
  • Nebraska Humane Society in Omaha, NE (402) 444-7800
  • Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc in Ohama, NE (402) 234-2473
  • Genui


Oklahoma is lenient with its rules about purchasing raccoons. Many exotic pet stores in local communities sell exotic pets, especially raccoons. Generally, raccoons are affordable pets in Oklahoma because most people already have large pieces of property. Building enclosures on your property is, therefore, much easier.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Red Dirt Reptiles, Pets; Exotics in Glenpool, OK (918) 693-0001
  • 4J’s Exotic Pets in Shattuck, OK (521) 983-4204
  • Adam’s Pet Shop in Tulsa, OK (539) 5250-0545
  • Rudy’s Pet Shop; Feed Store in Oklahoma City, OK (405) 632-0524


You may buy a pet raccoon from a reliable Pennsylvania breeder or an exotic pet store. Pennsylvania allows you to breed and sell raccoons if you have a permit to breed. You may buy a pet raccoon from a local exotic pet store. There are dozens of exotic pet stores.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Keystone Exotics in Sanbury, PA (670) 259 -0780
  • CDE Exotics in Wilkes-Barre, PA (570) 436-2842
  • Petfection Exotic Pet Specialist in Tannersville, PA (570) 629-1737
  • Exotic Fish ; Pets in Reading, PA (610) 921-9090
  • The Pet Zone in Pittston, PA (570) 655-3260

Rhode Island

The best way to get a raccoon in Rhode Island is to capture one from the wild or purchase one from a local exotic pet store. There are many exotic pet stores throughout the state.

You should always contact the pet store in advance to ask about raccoon availability first. Owning raccoons as pets is not very popular in Rhode Island, so you should not expect that every exotic pet store has them at all times.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Creatures Plus in North Smithfield, RI (401) 356-4884
  • Rumford Pet Express in Cumberland, RI (401) 333-2580

South Carolina

The easiest way to obtain a raccoon in South Carolina is to trap one in the wild. You must obtain all raccoons within state borders since importing raccoons into South Carolina is illegal.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • LowCountry Exotics LLC in Bluffton, SC (843) 707-2262
  • Two Guyz Pet Shop in Spartanburg, SC (864) 699-9809
  • Carolina Wildlife Center in Columbia, SC (803) 772-3994


Texas will let you have several exotic animals in your household if you have an exotic animal permit and maintain the correct exotic animal enclosures. You must also keep your animals vaccinated.

Raccoons are classified as furbearers, meaning you can trap the animal to harvest and sell their fur. You may also trap raccoons to keep them as pets. All raccoons must be taken to an exotic animal veterinarian to be examined and treated for any diseases.

You may purchase raccoons in Texas from the following exotic pet stores:

  • PetLoverz.com, the Online Forum
  • Janda Exotics Animal Ranch in Kingsbury, TX (372) 241-1856
  • Critters Exotic Pets in Waco, TX (254) 420-2577
  • Walter’s World of Pets in Lubbock, TX (806) 741-0123

West Virginia

West Virginia allows anyone with a permit to keep raccoons as a pet. You must keep all raccoons in an approved enclosure, compliant with West Virginia Wildlife Code.

If you decide to own a pet raccoon, you cannot breed them while in captivity. Males and females must be kept in separate cages. So, you must be prepared to make a large investment if you want to house several raccoons of the opposite gender.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Exotic Jungle Pet Supply in Morgantown, WV (304) 296-8552
  • West Virginia State Wildlife Center in French Creek, WV (304) 924-6211
  • Animal Friends of the North Central West Virginia Morgantown, WV (304) 209-4738


You must have a license or permit to own a raccoon or capture a raccoon from the wild and keep them as a pet. Possessing any wildlife without a permit is considered illegal under Wisconsin law. You must keep your pet raccoon in a wildlife enclosure, maintaining adequate living conditions.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Gary’s Pet Jungle in Milwaukee, WI (414) 744-3338
  • Northwoods Pets in Rhinelander, WI (715) 420-0535


According to Wyoming law, you may purchase or adopt a raccoon without obtaining a permit. Wyoming is one of the most lenient states for owning raccoons in the United States of America.

Although you do not need a permit to own a raccoon in Wyoming, you will need to submit an application to a local game warden for review. The application is a permit to purchase wildlife in Wyoming, lasting for ninety days from its approval.

You may purchase raccoons from the following exotic pet stores:

  • Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Hartville, WY (307) 735-4177
  • Laramie Animal Shelter in Laramie, WY (307) 721-5385
  • Paws for Life Animal League in Riverton, WY (307) 857-6002

Adoption Centers That Have Raccoons

The adoption process is a humane way of getting a raccoon at an affordable cost. Most centers offer a lower price than regular breeders or exotic pet stores.

They are a good option for someone who wants to save money on long-term investments like their enclosure and a veterinarian fund.

Every legal state has an adoption center. Many online services help with the online adoption process. It is not available in every state, but it is certainly the best option if you want a healthy and socialized pet.

Unfortunately, safe and healthy adoptions are not always possible. Some adoption centers may not socialize your raccoon enough, leaving them shy. They may also end up resenting humans if people mishandle them.

Although mishandling often happens in pet stores, it is common in adoption agencies when unskilled people care for raccoon kits.

Raccoons From Rehabilitation Centers

Adopting a pet raccoon from rehabilitation centers is a great way to bring a raccoon into your household.

Rehabilitation centers raise healthy raccoons. Wild raccoons get attention from rehabilitators. That does not mean it won’t be timid when you adopt them.

Some centers do not give them extra attention to socialize them like a professional exotic pet breeder.

Every legal state has a rehabilitation center where you may adopt a pet raccoon. Some states, like Indiana, even have special programs for adopting rehabilitated raccoons.

In addition to adopting pet raccoons, states like Indiana will rehabilitate exotic wildlife in your household, especially wildlife co-existing in your habitat. So, you can rehabilitate raccoons living in your household and turn them into your pet.

Raccoons in rehabilitation centers will typically have recently healed from an illness or physical ailment. Adopting from a rehabilitation center can be a good option if you are okay with treating an ailment at the beginning of your adoption. Treatment might include giving medication, taking to 

Raccoon Breeders

Breeders are the best way to get a raccoon. Exotic pets from breeders are raised in the cleanest environments with the highest safety standards.

Pure-bred raccoons from professional breeders are socialized and closely monitored so they can give you the love and affection of a domesticated animal. 

In addition to your simplistic pet needs, suppose you are interested in a specific gender or appearance. In that case, breeders are the best option because of the possible coordination efforts.

Most breeders will coordinate with you to choose a kit in advance. Therefore, you can pick your future raccoon’s gender, fur color, or pattern.

Breeding raccoons is not legal in every state, so you must stay cautious of your state laws. Ensure the breeder you purchase your raccoon from is a certified state, government, or non-profit entity.

Purchasing a raccoon from a non-certified breeder is unsafe, and the practice itself is illegal. Most illegal raccoon breeders are illegitimate and unhealthy.

Exotic Pet Stores That Have Raccoons

Not every state allows the selling of raccoons from exotic pet stores. States like Indiana and Florida have many exotic pet stores with raccoons. However, you may need to arrange to purchase a raccoon from one of these pet stores in advance because of their high demand.

Purchasing from exotic pet stores is dangerous because your pet is unlikely to be socialized properly. People often overhandle pet store raccoons. As kits, they are typically improperly handled by many irresponsible employees or eager customers.

Capturing A Wild Raccoon

In Michigan, you may capture wild raccoons and keep them as pets if you get a permit. Capturing a raccoon means using a humane device to lure and trap the raccoon inside, usually with raccoon-safe food as bait.

You must have a permit to capture raccoons legally. In Michigan, you can purchase an exotic wildlife trapping (or capturing) permit for $50. According to Michigan law, this permit allows you to capture raccoons on your property and keep them as your pet.

In other states, capturing licenses might be obtained for alternative use, like eradicating raccoons from your property. These licenses are for commercial use, and therefore you cannot use them to capture raccoons as pets. 

How Much Do I Need To Spend On Equipment For My Raccoon?

Exotic animals are much more expensive than domestic animals. Therefore, you will need to spend a large amount of money on equipment for your raccoon if you plan on adopting one. When adopting a raccoon kit, people spend most of their money on their raccoon enclosures, toys, and food. Furthermore, veterinary bills are more expensive for exotic animals than the bills of domestic animals.

If you plan on getting an exotic animal, you should expect to spend more than a domestic animal. Raccoons are more expensive because they require more attention and have a more specific diet than the typical pet. You must pay close attention to what you feed your pet raccoon and your raccoon’s environmental conditions.

Raccoons require short-term and long-term investing. You should have disposable income ready to spend on your pet’s medical needs. The amount of money you spend on your raccoon will always cost more than your money on any domestic animal since it is an exotic pet.

How Much Do I Need To Spend On Food For My Pet Raccoon?

Raccoons require more intricate diets than domestic animals, typically making their food much more expensive than typical pets like cats or dogs. Feeding your pet raccoon a varied diet could easily set you back $50-$100 per month.

Since raccoons are exotic animals, few commercial food options are designed for them, which also means that you’ll have to put a varied and healthy diet together for your raccoon, yourself.

How Much Does A Raccoon Enclosure Cost?

Raccoons are wild animals who need a lot of space to roam and forage for food. A large piece of property on which you may build an enclosure is perfect for owning a raccoon.

Large pieces of property mean you can provide them with a safe environment where they may freely roam to forage, create dens, remain primal, and exercise.

The environment for a raccoon will be more expensive to build than the typical environment for domestic animals like cats, dogs, ferrets, and more.

Unlike a dog, you must completely enclose a raccoon’s environment on all sides, so they do not escape or get attacked by aerial predators. Small, domesticated raccoons are also in danger of becoming attacked by aerial predators like hawks.

If you plan on keeping your raccoon outdoors, the enclosure must have plenty of hiding space for your raccoon to nest.

An abandoned structure is the perfect place for a raccoon to create their den. Without a dedicated structure in their enclosure, they may escape the enclosure and seek one elsewhere, such as your home or a local building. 

Prices depend on your own skills, your chosen materials, and the size of the enclosure, but generally, you’ll need to pay somewhere in the range of $1000 – $2500 to build a good raccoon enclosure.

How Much To Spend On Toys For Raccoons

Raccoons are mischievous animals who will often become bored if they do not have enough entertainment throughout the day. You must provide raccoons with proper toys and activities to keep them entertained.

Purchasing toys that can entertain your raccoon enough can become expensive. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on toys for their pets, but if you think outside of the box, you can keep raccoons entertained with a lot of other objects as well.

If you exchange your raccoons’ toys frequently, you can get the most out of them. Keep writing them around to keep them from getting bored of them.  

How Much Are Veterinary Bills For Raccoons?

Exotic veterinary bills are significantly more expensive than domestic pets. Any exotic pet’s vet bills, including the raccoon, can cost thousands of dollars for simple check-ups and bloodwork.

The price of an exotic animal is often two or three times the amount to be treated by a veterinarian than it is for a domestic pet. 

According to WebMD Pets, seeking medical treatment for a raccoon will always be more expensive because these veterinary services are more difficult to find.

Exotic animals are more difficult to treat, and fewer vets are experienced in treating them. If your raccoon has an emergency, it is unlikely a nearby vet can treat them. 

Locate a veterinarian in advance and make a plan in case of an emergency with your raccoon. You should know the closest veterinarian and the best course of action if your pet gets sick. If possible, get medical insurance for your raccoon to save money.

Q & A 

How Do You Know if A Raccoon Seller Is Legal?

If a raccoon seller has a certification from the state, they are considered a legal seller. Do not purchase or adopt a raccoon from someone who is not certified.

How Do I Get a Wildlife Permit?

Go to your local government office and ask them for a wildlife permit. They will give you the right permit for owning or trapping wildlife. In most cases, these are under $50!


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