Where to Get, Buy or Adopt a Pet Fox (And What To Consider)

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Published on January 14, 2022
Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Getting a fox as a pet can be tricky since they are categorized as exotic animals and hence challenging to come by.

You can buy or adopt a fox from breeders, rescues, and pet stores in select locations. In the United States, you can find breeders that may ship to your location. There are also local breeders all over the world, given that owning, breeding, and selling a fox is legally allowed. 

However, since foxes are not first-time pets, make sure you understand their demands and requirements before acquiring one.

Continue reading to find out where you can buy or adopt a red fox as a pet, if foxes are permitted to keep in your state, and what these creatures require to live a long and healthy life.

Where Can I Adopt or Buy a Red Fox as A Pet?

Owning a red fox can be a huge responsibility. However, if you believe you are fit to become a red fox pet owner, you should start searching for your new pet online at a directory specialized in exotic pets.

If you’re considering purchasing a red fox, there are breeders and adoption services across the United States for exotic animals.

While there are many ways to go about it, try having a look at Exoticanimalsforsale.net

Not only does exoticanimalsforsale.net provide you with the ability to look at verified breeders and sellers and see the location, price, photos of red foxes available to purchase or adopt, but you also get a small description of the fox.

Should I Get a Pet Fox? 

Foxes need a significant amount of time, energy, money, and skill, which most people lack. People who have previously kept foxes claim it is a full-time job. Most animal rights organizations strongly warn against keeping a fox as a pet. Although they’re entertaining to watch, foxes should generally be left alone in their natural environment.

If you are serious about having a red fox as a pet, you should do your homework and attempt to spend some time with the animal before making the commitment.

The Behavioural Issues of a Red Fox

Red foxes have a lot of energy. They can and will begin to ruin their enclosure if they do not receive adequate enrichment. It’s also worth noting that all foxes have a strong need to mark their territory, and their marking stinks. The presence of a fox in your home can swiftly result in an animal odor.

Foxes are also quite vocal, despite their reputation for secrecy. During mating season, especially in January, they are known to scream like people at night.

Can a Pet Fox Be Housebroken and Kept Inside?

Foxes have a natural instinct to mark their territory. To do so, they’ll rip things apart in search of the ideal area to “mark” with their urine and excrement. Some fox owners have attempted to train their pets to use a litter box indoors.

This can work in some instances, but they’ll generally urinate and defecate all over the rest of the home as well. If you’re thinking about obtaining a pet fox, you’ll need an outside enclosure. Most animals use urine to identify their territory, which cannot be untaught. Foxes are no different.

Safety Concerns When Owning a Pet Fox

In North America, foxes are a common rabies vector. Because foxes haven’t been given the rabies vaccination, if your pet fox attacks or is bitten by another animal, local animal control officials will likely seize and put your pet down to test for the disease.

Other pets, particularly tiny animals, may be attacked by foxes. To avoid problems, separate your foxes from other pets.

Are Red Foxes Legal to Keep as Pets in My State? 

In most US jurisdictions, owning a fox is illegal, and animal rights activists are working to make it so in all 50 states. Owners must get permission in the states where owning a fox is still permitted. 

The pet ownership of a red fox is still permitted in Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, and Wyoming. One should note that most of these states will require a permit for ownership.

States that allow fox ownership occasionally demand permissions and may not allow all fox breeds to be kept as pets. Each state determines which fox breeds are acceptable for domestication and what permissions are necessary.

New York, for example, permits only fennec foxes to be kept as pets and does not need the owner to get a permit. On the other hand, Utah only allows red foxes to be kept as pets without permission, whereas Ohio has no breed limitations but requires a license for all foxes maintained as pets.

Are Pet Foxes Difficult to Take Care Of? 

Foxes are canine members who are attractive, cunning, and amusing. Many individuals are enamored with them and wish to have one as a pet. Of course, there’s no issue with that, except that foxes have specific unique characteristics, habits, and care requirements that many people are unaware of when they get one.

Foxes are not “cat-dogs,” contrary to the common misconception. They exhibit various behaviors and vocalizations that are unique to their species. Expecting a fox to behave like a whole other species is irrational and will only result in a slew of issues.

Choosing a Red Fox as a Pet

The red fox is not tamed and is known for being one of the stinkiest fox companions. On the other hand, it is one of the kindest and meek foxes, making it a popular option among pet owners.

Red Fox Nutrition and Feeding

Foxes eat meat and are carnivores. The majority of individuals feed either high-quality, grain-free kibbles like Blue Buffalo or Taste of the Wild (both links to amazon) or raw meat pieces like chicken liver. Taurine is a critical amino acid for foxes, just like it is for cats. Therefore, unless you are raw feeding, you will need to supplement your fox’s diet with taurine to keep it healthy.

The Habitat and Enclosure of a Pet Fox

When it comes to owning a fox, having a decent, safe cage arrangement is one of the most critical considerations. Although fox kits may handle being kept indoors, once they reach sexual maturity, they begin marking their territory with urine and excrement and become exceedingly destructive.

I’m aware of folks who have had territorial aggressiveness issues with their indoor foxes; they don’t adjust well to being kept indoors.

Even if you keep your pet fox indoors, they must be supervised, so having an enclosure is beneficial. Even when you’re not at home, an enclosure provides your fox with plenty of room to roam and play.

Enclosures for foxes should not be less than 8’L x 8’W x 6’T. Since foxes are skilled diggers, the floor should be dig-proof and coated with chain link. The foxes’ house should be enclosed at the top. If a chain link is utilized, it should be no more than 14 gauge and have welded wire to avoid being chewed through.

A Pet Fox Will Require Enrichment and Mental Stimulation

One should always include ramps, hanging toys, platforms, tunnel tubes, and sandboxes should be added to your fox’s enclosure for enrichment. A nesting box or doghouse, food and water bowls that are best clipped to the fence to avoid your fox marking inside them and soiling the water, and a substrate such as aspen bedding or straw are all recommended for enclosures.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on Equipment for My Pet Fox? 

The price of a fox varies a lot. It may range from $500 to $6,000 in value. It’s also worth noting that this fee only applies to the animal itself. It costs a lot more to feed, house, and clean a fox. Owning a fox can cost upwards of thousands of dollars each year.

How Much Are Vet Bills for A Pet Fox? 

Vet bills for a pet fox can become expensive as foxes are considered exotic pets. Not only may you run into some trouble when attempting to find a local vet who has experience with foxes, but vet prices will automatically increase due to the species of your pet. 

Annually, with a healthy red fox, an owner should still expect to be spending approximately $2500 in vet bills for general health and checkups.

What Type of Veterinary Attention Do Foxes Require?

Regular veterinarians are generally unable to treat foxes since they are wild animals with highly particular needs. When foxes require medical assistance, they must instead visit a veterinary professional who specializes in the care of exotic animals like foxes.

Is it Possible to Spay or Neuter Your Pet Fox?

Foxes, like dogs and cats, can be spayed or neutered. This should be done at six months of age, according to veterinarians.

Where To Get a Pet Fox 

How To Adopt a Pet Fox

If adopting or rescuing a fox is more up your alley, there are many rescue sites online to explore and help a fox in need. One should note that rescuing or adopting a fox can become a lot more work for the owner. Sometimes, these animals can have more significant behavioral issues as you can never be sure what previous trauma they may have experienced in their lives.

However, if you do your research and put in plenty of love and dedication to your new rescued red fox pet, you can not only make a difference in an abused animal’s life but may learn something about yourself in the process.

Saveafox.org is a wonderful place to begin if you desire to adopt a red fox. It is important to note that your adoption application must be processed and approved before you are eligible to receive your fox. Adopting a fox can become a rigorous and expensive process with many hoops to jump through, including state laws, finding a vet before adoption, and a background check.

Getting a Pet Fox from A Pet Store

Check with pet stores in your town or region to discover whether they sell pet foxes. The sale of foxes in pet stores in most states is generally prohibited as these animals require permits. However, some pet stores in states like Indiana and Florida will sell and breed red foxes.

Check your state laws to determine if pet stores in your area will have foxes. If you live in a state where it is illegal to own a pet fox, it is without a doubt that your pet stores will not sell foxes.

The best pet stores to locate red foxes are exotic pet stores that are known to have an excellent reputation for the health and behavior of their animals.

Getting a Pet Fox from A Breeder

Buying a fox from a breeder is generally the easiest and safest way to purchase an exotic animal. One can either buy a fox through a reputable breeder over the internet or by finding a local breeder. Local breeders are considered better as this will allow you to examine a possible pet and be safer for your pet than shipping.

When searching the internet for reputable breeders, be sure to check reviews of previous clients who have purchased pets from them. These reviews are generally your go-to when purchasing exotic animals online as they can provide you with an idea of the health and behavioral quality of previously bred foxes by that specific breeder. 

As stated before, the best online website to find reputable breeders with foxes available for sale is exoticanimalsforsale.net. However, other websites where one can find foxes from breeders include evenkeelexotics.com and faithfulfoxes.com/breeders.

A List of All Red Fox Breeders in The United States

Mystic Garden Exotics, Arkansas 

Layla Markley of Mystic Garden Exotics specializes in breeding and selling foxes in Arkansas. Located in Van Buren, Arkansas, Markley raises all variations of red foxes.

Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals, Indiana 

Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals is another prominent red fox breeder in the United States. Based in Auburn, Indiana, Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals specializes in breeding and marketing Red, Silver, Pearl, Cross, White Mark, Marble, Ice, Gray, and Arctic foxes.

Their fox breeding stock has been captive-bred since the late 1940s, and they are well-known in Indiana.

Lost River Exotics, Indiana

Lost River Exotics, based in Orleans, Indiana, is a USDA and Indiana State Licensed breeder specializing in red, silver, and ranch foxes.

Minnesota’s Jared Klein

Jared Klein of Willmar, Minnesota, is a fox breeder who specializes in red and red-color-morphed foxes. He may be reached by phone at (320) 894-0331.

Fawn Schnider, New York

Fawn Schneider is the most well-known red fox breeder in New York, specializing in breeding red and silver foxes. However, it is essential to note that she does not ship her animals. Fawn can be reached by phone at (845) 866-4137 or email, dfschneider@frontiernet.net.

Hillview Exotics, Ohio

In Ohio, Hillview Exotics is a well-known and well-respected breeder of red and arctic foxes. On the other hand, Hillview Exotics sells a variety of exotic pets and animals, including rats, raccoons, ducks, and exotic birds such as parrots.

Wes’s Exotic Animals, Ohio

Wes’s Exotic Animals in Brownsville, Ohio, specializes in silver, arctic, red, and marble fox breeding. Peacocks, jersey woolly rabbits, raccoons, and skunks are also among the exotic animal breeds they are known to have bred.

Wild Ohio Ranch, Ohio

Donny Marlow is the most recognized licensed red fox breeder in Dayton, Ohio. Marlow specializes in the breeding of pure red foxes from Wild Ohio Ranch.

Email donny.marlow@yahoo.com for further information.

Red Fox Breeders in Canada

Only local Canadian pet fox breeders or brokers legally licensed to sell exotic animals to the public can sell foxes to Canadian people.

Northern Exotics, Ontario, Canada

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, Northern Exotics is Canada’s most well-known fox breeder. Northern Exotics is both a tiny zoo that saves exotic animals and an unusual pet business that grows and sells a variety of exotic animals, including foxes. 

Dennis Epp is a zookeeper who raises a variety of unique animals. He also provides instructional shows for schools regarding exotic animals. Visit northern-exotics.com for more information on Northern Exotics Canada and how to acquire one of their animals.

Red Fox Breeders In the UK

Fox breeders are incredibly hard to come by in the United Kingdom. Due to the absence of information available on the internet and the fact that most breeders are no longer breeding or in service, fox enthusiasts will have to rely on local sources to obtain a pet fox.

Search in the Classifieds and Local Areas

Look for foxes to purchase in classified advertising, both offline and online. Preloved and Gumtree are both excellent places to look for foxes in the United Kingdom.

Red Fox Breeders in Australia

It is considered illegal to keep a fox as a pet in most Australian states since they are classified as pests under Australian law. In these states, if you are caught owning a fox, you will have to pay a fine upwards of thousands of dollars. Only in the state of New South Wales are foxes allowed to be kept as pets at home.

Despite their reputation as a ‘pest,’ they are frequently adored by people for their lively enthusiasm, and many people keep them as pets.

Since there is such a limited amount of countries where the breeding and selling of foxes is legal, as you can imagine, it is not a substantial Australian practice.

To find a red fox breeder in Australia, one will need to search the classifieds or ask other fox owners where they got their exotic animal. Many Australian fox owners will tell you that they had to get their domestic foxes shipped into the country and held in quarantine when they were young. 


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