Downloadable Screaming (Meeping) Sea Otter Ringtone

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Last Updated on December 28, 2022 by Tommy

Are you crazy about sea otters?

Do you think their beautiful vocalizations sound like music?

Are you sometimes unable to hear your phone when it’s ringing, or to wake up in the morning when your alarm clock goes off?

Well, you need the meeping sea otter ringtone!

I made this one for my wife, but I figure that there must be plenty of people out there as crazy about sea otters as her!

The sound in the short audio clip is Joey, a rescued sea otter living in the Vancouver aquarium. Sea otters normally stop vocalizing as they grow, but Joey begs to differ.

Simply download the audio file from your phone and add it as a custom ringtone under audio settings!

And if you want another soundfile for your text messages and other notifications, here’s Joey’s “Wrah”:

The source of the audio is this short YouTube video from KPassionate.


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